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Have you ever found it difficult to share stuff you find online? Sure, there’s millions of social buttons across the ‘net to like, 1+, Tweet, and do just about anything else you can think of with the pages you read. But what if you want to, say, share a part of a page on with a friend to show them the a price and a picture of the thing you’re talking about? You could take a screenshot, but then you’ll have to still share a link to the site, and the text won’t be searchable. Or you could copy and paste the text, but then you’ll lose the picture, formatting, and more.

Clipboard is a new beta web app that aims to reinvent copy/paste for the web. It’s a surprisingly powerful tool that you can use to share anything you discover, embed stuff from any site on your pages, and save your favorite content safely. Here’s our first look at this innovative new way to clip and share web content.


Generally web developers are supposed to create a print friendly stylesheet for their website(s) in case visitors actually want or need to print something out. Unfortunately, this is often skipped by developers leaving a large majority of websites in a very sad state when printed. Of course, the content of a website may determine the importance of a print stylesheet. makes it super easy to clean up websites for better printing so they not only look better but save on ink and paper. Today I’ll walk through a quick how-to on using PrintWhatYouLike and their browser bookmarklet.