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Forgive my tampering with a traditional idiom, but images really do make the world go round. Well, the online world at least. In this age of multimedia, a website without a photo or two somewhere within its contents sticks out like a sore thumb. Equally, a quick browse through your social timelines should reveal that photos are constantly being shared at an astounding rate, and it is these visual status updates which tend to be the most popular.

It was this trend which Pinterest latched onto just over three years ago now, and after an extraordinary early surge in the size of its user-base, it has gone on to become one of the web’s hottest social properties. The simplicity of a network which allows users to “pin” virtually any image, from any website, is both the main driving force behind Pinterest’s popularity, and the reason why the service is particularly popular with creative folks. As a method of digital scrapbooking, however, Pinterest disappointed many with its original near-requirement of its users to be social. Pinterest now allows the creation of secret boards, but as a network, it still isn’t terribly suited to private collation.

A new invite beta product named Board – the first from developer Creonomy – is based on a system of image collection which is similar to that of Pinterest, but it has been deliberately set up to be a private space for creatives to store their visual inspirations. Is there really a need for yet another web-clipping service, though?

There’s only one way to find out…and it involves a lot of image browsing…


With the advent of social networks, there is a huge surge in file sharing. However, file sharing is asynchronous and is in its infancy at the top social networks. Sometimes it’s necessary to have an online space to share common photos, notes, reminders and the like.

Stixy enables us to create a simple and uncomplicated collaborative space to share files with friends, family or coworkers. You can create multiple workspaces, each with its own set of collaborators ensuring total privacy. After the jump, we’ll see how to put Stixy to use in our daily lives.


Keeping tabs on your employees or co-workers is no easy task. In most work places, in-out monitoring is done using a whiteboard & marker which has to be updated by hand or a clunky desktop app that does not allow everyone to access the status board. Tabzon is placed comfortably in between the two, being centrally editable and extremely collaborative. The app is minimal without feature creep, however, is it powerful enough to be a whiteboard replacement?