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Writing is an interesting career that carries with it a sense of instant gratification. Not all writers and their bosses, editors, are tech savvy, and there’s hardly any reason for them to be. The web 2.0 era has spawned numerous apps that sweeten the task of researching, writing and editing content.

After the break, we’ve put together a list of apps that can bring a new wave of productivity into your life if you’re a ┬áriter, blogger or editor.


Mashable, in celebration of their fifth birthday, have published a Look Back at the Last 5 Years in Blogging. The post begins with a reference to one of the original pillars of blogging: Technorati. Back in the day, every blogger who was anyone made sure their blog was in the Technorati blog search engine and directory.

When we started up our Envato blogs I had an account where I would submit them, and we kept a close eye on how our authority was tracking to see if we would break into the super exclusive club that was the Technorati Top 100. These days the site has really dropped off my radar, so today I set out to see if it still has any relevance?