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Our contest is now closed, and the winners are Carlo Laitano, Justin Roselt, and Nûmenor. Congrats! Thanks for commenting, and stay tuned for more giveaways in the future!

Whether you’re a freelance designer or a developer running a new startup, there’s one thing that’s always frustrating: billing. Sending out invoices and making sure their paid on time can be one of the more irritating tasks, especially when you’d rather be designing or coding an awesome new web app.

Blinksale is one of the most popular invoicing web apps. Unlike most invoicing apps, they only have one flat fee for unlimited invoices to unlimited clients. Then, with their new Blinkpay service, you can accept credit card payments directly without having to use PayPal or other payment systems. Just create your invoices, and Blinksale can take care of the rest.

We’ve reviewed Blinksale in the past, and had a chance to interview their team earlier this year. Now, we’ve got a special treat for our readers: 3 free Blinksale Unlimited subscriptions from the Blinksale team!

If you’d like to win one of the subscriptions, just follow @WebAppStorm and @Blinksale on Twitter, then tweet:

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Or, simply click the button below to do it in two clicks:

Then, come back here, and leave a comment with a link to your Tweet. The contest will be open until midnight Friday CST, August 5th, 2011. Be sure to hurry and get your entry in, and you just might get to do your invoicing for free this year!

Please Note: Envato staff or people who have written more than two articles or tutorials for AppStorm are ineligible to enter.

Have you ever wished you could peek behind the scenes at the development of your favorite web apps? We are privileged to feature dozens of high quality apps on AppStorm each month, but you often don’t hear much about the thought and effort that went into the apps.

Today we’re privileged to get to interview the Blinksale team, the guys behind one of the most popular online invoicing apps that recently added the unique Blinkpay payment service. Patrick, Director of Operations, and Brandon, CEO of Blinksale’s parent company, Doublewide Labs, took time out of their busy schedules to answer some of our questions about their business and app.

We hope you enjoy the inteview, and if you have any more questions, feel free to ask in the comments below!


Last week we took a look at some of the great improvements Blinksale has made to their already great invoicing app. This week, thanks to the generosity of the Blinksale team, we’re able to bring you a Blinksale giveaway.

Read on for more information and how to enter the giveaway.

Updated: Congrats to NickF, Francisco and Michael, our three lucky Blinksale giveaway winners. And a big thanks to Blinksale for making this great giveaway possible.


Early this year we reviewed the wonderfully easy invoicing app Blinksale and, while it was certainly a fantastic web app for invoicing, we found it lacking in a few areas. The Blinksale team has been busy at work making their app even better.

Let’s take a look at what the Blinksale team has changed and improved and why this is an app you should really consider trying.


It’s that time again and along with announcing the winners of our Blinksale Triple Account Giveaway, we have even more to give away today. If you missed our review of Blinksale, Easy Invoices with Blinksale, make sure to give that a read as well.

Read on to see if you are a Blinksale winner or to get the details on the next giveaway from Clicky.


We recently took a look at how easy invoicing could be with Blinksale, especially with their incredibly simple and easy to use web app. Today we’re giving away three accounts to our readers, provided by Patrick from Blinksale. Thanks Patrick!

For more details on the accounts or how you can grab one of them, read on.


There is an abundance of invoicing web apps available these days, capable of meeting just about anyone’s needs. The difficult part, however, can be finding the invoicing app that meets your needs and works the way you want it to. With an ever growing selection of invoicing apps available to consumers, app creators are doing whatever they can to set themselves apart.

Blinksale brands itself as “Still the easiest way to send invoices online”, which I intend to find out for myself. Blinksale appears to be a no-nonsense, straight forward invoicing app with the right feature set to get the job done right the first time. But does Blinksale stand up to its claims? Read on to find out.