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For most of the world’s internet users, that’s just about it. There’s Google, and nothing else. People even enter Google into the Google search bar in browsers to bring up the homepage. It’s a mess.

But then, it’s not surprising that Google is so popular, simply because it works great for search. If you need to find something online, you’re almost guaranteed to find it with Google. And when it just works, and is blazing fast, why fix it? There are alternatives, most notably Microsoft’s Bing, which now powers Yahoo! Search as well. There’s also the underdog DuckDuckGo, which has somewhat of a geek following, but doesn’t seem to be that widely used.

I personally still use Google search, after periods of using both Bing, its predecessor, Live Search, and DuckDuckGo. I always end up coming back to Google. That apparently makes me like most of our search visitors, of which 96% use Google to find our articles.

How about you, our faithful readers? What search engine do you use by default? We’d love to hear your thoughts on why you use – or don’t use – Google.

Last week was a great one for data lovers who were waiting for a bird’s eye view of 2010 as it comes to a close. Google and Twitter published the trends they’ve spotted based on user engagement at their sites, Bing tweaked flight travel search, Hunch lent a helping hand to find gifts, Chrome crossed 10,000 extensions and Posterous launched groups.

Read on for some of this week’s best web app news and updates you might’ve missed!


Web searches help a ton in our quest to find information about things we looking for or want to know. Searches play a critical role in decision making and more so when it comes to personal use. Whenever possible, we are more inclined to take our friends’ advice than trusting a random person suggesting something in a blog.

But what if the link you are looking at has already been liked by your friend who found it to be helpful? Taking help from Facebook, Bing has introduced couple of social features to its search results to help you make the right choice. Follow me after the fold to find out more about the social features of Bing.