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There’s quite a few invoicing apps out there, many of which do a fantastic job. One of my favorites though, and the one I actually use personally is FreshBooks. It’s arguably the best time tracking and invoicing web app available, certainly making billing far less painful.

Several Freelancers I’ve spoke with say FreshBooks feels too complicated or offers more than they need. Today I’ll take a quick look at just how easy it is to track your time and quickly invoice with FreshBooks and why those extra features should be more than welcome.


We recently took a look at how easy invoicing could be with Blinksale, especially with their incredibly simple and easy to use web app. Today we’re giving away three accounts to our readers, provided by Patrick from Blinksale. Thanks Patrick!

For more details on the accounts or how you can grab one of them, read on.


There is an abundance of invoicing web apps available these days, capable of meeting just about anyone’s needs. The difficult part, however, can be finding the invoicing app that meets your needs and works the way you want it to. With an ever growing selection of invoicing apps available to consumers, app creators are doing whatever they can to set themselves apart.

Blinksale brands itself as “Still the easiest way to send invoices online”, which I intend to find out for myself. Blinksale appears to be a no-nonsense, straight forward invoicing app with the right feature set to get the job done right the first time. But does Blinksale stand up to its claims? Read on to find out.


Nobody likes creating invoices. They’re a pain to produce, to send, and to follow up on. But with the growing power of online applications, the number of invoicing web apps has boomed in the last couple of years and they keep getting better. Dealing with your invoices online also has the advantage of working from anywhere.

One such web app is The Invoice Machine from Bombia Design. This stunning invoice creator really is a machine and clearly built with design in mind. Let’s take a look at what The Invoice Machine can do for you, and what it can’t.


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