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Ever wished you could shave 50% or more off the time it takes you to send proposals to your clients? Then you need to give Bidsketch, our sponsor this week a try.

Bidsketch promises to take the pain out of making proposals, saving you time and helping you win more clients and projects in the process. It integrates with the apps you use — Basecamp, Highrise, FreshBooks, Salesforce, Harvest, and more — so you can get your data in and out of Bidsketch with ease. It then lets you save reusable content chunks so you can make personalized proposals for each projects, and still not have to write everything each time. You can then enhance your proposals with custom CSS and HTML themes, and easily add optional extras to your proposals to upsell to your clients.


When it’s time to close the deal, it couldn’t be easier than with Bidsketch. Your clients can read the entire proposal online, add comments directly to the proposal, or just accept and sign it without needing to print or fax anything. You’ll get notifications along the way, to know if your client actually read the proposal and if they’re looking over it again. It’s simple and easy for you and your clients.

Bidsketch has helped its users take on nearly $200 million worth of projects, and it’s ready to help you start getting more proposals sent out and approved by your clients.

Try Bidsketch Out Today!

Best of all, it’s terribly simple to see Bidsketch in action. Just head over to, enter your name and email in the form, and it’ll send you a demo bid — just like you can send to your clients with a Bidsketch account. You can try out digitally signing and accepting the proposal online and see how it works. Then, you can signup for a free 14 day trial of Bidsketch, and get your own account starting at $19/month.

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Our sponsor this week is Bidsketch, a great app that lets you create, track, customize, and design beautiful client proposals. It’ll cut down the time it takes you to create proposals to just a few minutes.

With Bidsketch, you can reate beautiful proposals in half the time. Easily mix and match content, fees, and designs to create persuasive proposals in minutes. You can use Bidsketch’s premade professional templates, or use the templates that are proven to work for your business with your own custom HTML template. Then, once you’ve sent out proposals, you can easily get detailed analytics about them straight from Bidsketch. You’ll be able to see if and when your client opens a proposal, and can even check your client engagement and see how long clients viewed your proposal. It’s everything you could want from an advanced proposal app.

Bidsketch integrates with other web apps you already use, such as FreshBooks and Highrise, so you can work efficiently with all of your data ready to use in proposals. Numbers of freelancers and teams already use Bidsketch, and on average see 18% more clients sign when they receive a Bidsketch proposal. That’s why you should give it a try.

Go Get It!

Ready to start saving time and seeing more clients signup with Bidsketch? You can signup for a free 14 day trial. Then, you can choose the plan that works best for your team, starting at $19 per month.

Think you’ve got a great app? Sign up for a Weekly Sponsorship slot just like this one.

A quote is the first vital step in a sales process. A competent quote doesn’t just have the right price, but also is a business document with all the details relevant to your bid. Professional formatting, highlighting important sections prominently and visual appeal are important factors that grab the attention of the clients.

Bidsketch is an application that lets you create, track, customize, and design beautiful proposals. The developers claim that with this app you can create proposals in half the time. After the break, let’s put their claim to test.