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As a lover of web apps, I frequently rave about the advances they’re making and the benefits they offer over other forms of applications. I constantly look for new ways to “live in the cloud” or at least achieve redundancy by using web apps. Web apps are certainly advancing quickly, but are they beginning to outpace internet provider’s capabilities?

As we shift further and further into the realm of cloud-based computing, what predicament might we find ourselves in with regards to our ISPs and their increasingly popular data caps?


Right off the top, this post is not a need for many of you. For most broadband users, the amount of data you use month by month is not a concern. Until I moved to a more rural location, that was the case for me.

But for those who are like me — living in a location without broadband access — data transfer can be an issue. I’d like to take a look at three ways to make the best of the situation.