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37signals has recently been cleaning house, selling Softfolio and turning off new signups for their free apps, Writeboard and Tadalist. More surprising, they also killed Backpack, keeping existing accounts intact but turning off new signups.

I found that rather sad, as I’d always liked Backpack, but had never put it to use as much as I’d like. It was a nice tool for creating free-form to-do lists mixed with messages, images, and more, and felt like a more dynamic way to manage projects than Basecamp or other project and task managers. Turns out, 37signals decided to mix some Backpack features in their new Basecamp, and is now more focused on their main flagship product.

The sad truth is, web apps don’t always last forever, just like you’re never guaranteed that any app developer will keep making updates and new versions of their product. But that can always be frustrating for existing users. So did you use Backpack, and do you wish 37signals was still developing it? Or did you never even try it out? We’d be interested to hear your thoughts in this week’s poll.