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Looking for a new hosted email solution for your team? Atmail Cloud, our sponsor this week, is the service you should check into. It’s the new cloud-based version of the great Atmail software, letting you use one of the best webmail interfaces on your own domain without having to deal with running your own email servers. We found it to be a great hosted email solution in our recent review of Atmail Cloud, one that has both great web apps and also works great with native email apps.

With Atmail, you can easily manage your teams’ email accounts from the Atmail Webadmin console, even if you have more than one domain name you use for email. Each of your user accounts will come with 10Gb of storage, so you can keep your emails archived easily, and still have room to share files.

Atmail Cloud includes everything you’ll need to keep in touch and stay productive. With rich webmail, calendar, and contacts apps – on the desktop and on your smartphone – as well as support for IMAP, CalDAV, CardDAV, and Exchange ActiveSync, you’ll get all of your data synced easily. You’ll have no ads in your email app, and no servers to maintain. And you won’t break the bank, either.

Get Atmail Cloud for Your Team!

Email’s one of the most crucial services for any team, so you’ll want to make sure you’re choosing the best service for your needs. You can try out Atmail Cloud for up to 20 users for free for 14 days, then when you’re ready to make the leap, you can signup your whole team for just $2/user/month (with a minimum of 5 users). That’s less than half the price of Google Apps for Business, with more features like Exchange ActiveSync support to keep your team working everywhere.

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Email is easily one of the most important web apps to most of our work and lives. You need your email to be fast, reliable, and work with all of your native email apps and on the web. If you’re signing up for a personal email account, odds are you’d sign up for Gmail, and if not, would use, iCloud Mail, or Yahoo! mail. For business, email, though, it’s a bit trickier of a question.

Google Apps used to be the simplest option for email on your own domain, but it went from allowing 50 users free per account to just 10, and then recently removed the option for free Apps on your domain without a workaround. Otherwise, it’ll now cost you $5/user/month, and now doesn’t include ActiveSync push. lets you use it with your own domain, but it’s not nearly as powerful for business use, and Microsoft’s more professional Office 365 with Exchange support costs $4/user/month.

Then there’s Atmail Cloud. Atmail has been around as a webmail app for self-hosted email since 1998, and has an interface and feature set that could rival most of the popular consumer-facing email apps. You can run it on your own server, or buy an Atmail appliance, but here we’re going to look at their new hosted service, Atmail Cloud, that gives you online email, calendar, and contacts with Exchange ActiveSync for just $2/user/month. (more…)