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Games sure are a fun way to cool our heels after a hectic day of work. But for some of us games happen to be more than a pastime and in some cases, passion. Broadband played a pivotal role in not only making games more interactive but also making way for a cheap distribution channel.

The raise in popularity of the virtual goods economy in the recent years jumpstarted the online gaming industry once again and now we have tons of awesome games available for free. Here at Web.AppStorm, we never miss a chance to review and round up cool online games. Keeping up with the tradition, we have compiled a list of fun online games that are free to play online. Dive in!


Arcade games are so much fun. Their charm lies in the simple game play and quirky sound effects. Lots of popular and classic games from the arcade era are now available online, either in their original format or closely designed variants. While popular games like Super Mario are available online for free, they are not completely legal.

After the jump, you’ll find 10 great, fun arcade games that are free to play and available legally.

Top 10 Gaming Series: This is the third in a series of roundups covering the top 10 games in several different categories. Look forward to several more in the weeks to come and submit games you’d love to see listed!

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