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When I come across a site that asks me to login with my Facebook or an app that needs access to my Google details on my Android phone, I just grant the permission and move on. It’s become so common for web properties to ask for these hook-ups to my personal accounts that I and many others like me have stopped even noticing which ones have access any more.

Now, it goes without saying that this isn’t safe, nor is it advisable. Think about it this way: if a bunch of people had the keys to your private locker, wouldn’t you want to know who they were, why they had the keys, and stop them if you feel like?

But most web apps don’t offer an easy way for you to see these permissions and edit their access. These pages are usually tucked away deep in the recesses of your settings. But provides a one-stop easy access for all your app allowances, and gives heightened control to Chrome users with the MyPermissions Cleaner. Let’s check it out. (more…)