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You’ve likely already heard of, the new paid social network that’s similar to Twitter, yet more developer friendly. is something that I was cautious about trying. After all, a subscription is $36 a year. I wrestle with giving up any money on a monthly or annual basis, especially for a service that I don’t know will continue to be around.

That being said, I’m past my worrying. ADN is going to be here for a while, and I think there’s never been a better time to join (perhaps with the free accounts we’re giving away below). Here’s why.


I’m a web developer who’s not much for prototyping, at least not using some online tool. I’ve changed up my process a lot, but the only thing that’s still frustrating is the sketches phase. Sometimes I’ll dive right into code and start mocking up using just HTML and CSS. Other times I boot up Photoshop and create a series of mock-ups from nice, organized layers. If I need feedback, I’ll upload the screenshots into a project manager and ask people to comment.

This admittedly is not a very good way to do it. Then I heard about inVision, a fantastic prototyping tool that allows you to create user experiences and get feedback. We’ve recently seen a Quick Look post about it, and several lucky readers got free subscriptions to it in our recent giveaway. For everyone else, keep reading to learn more about InVision.