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You’ve likely already heard of, the new paid social network that’s similar to Twitter, yet more developer friendly. is something that I was cautious about trying. After all, a subscription is $36 a year. I wrestle with giving up any money on a monthly or annual basis, especially for a service that I don’t know will continue to be around.

That being said, I’m past my worrying. ADN is going to be here for a while, and I think there’s never been a better time to join (perhaps with the free accounts we’re giving away below). Here’s why.


This week, while Twitter again tightened their restrictions on 3rd party apps, passed its funding level, and developers quickly started releasing new web and native apps built on the new platform. was designed to be an open social network that encourages innovation and 3rd party apps. In fact, its own Alpha app is only built as a design reference, to show what could be done with the network.

That doesn’t mean that the Alpha app isn’t interesting, though. In fact, it’s already received a number of new features and tweaks in its first week of existence. Let’s take a look at where stands this week, and what the best apps have to offer. (more…)