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There’s no question that one of the premier features of the Firefox web browser is extensions. Since Firefox’s inception they’ve been a part of what differentiated it. And even now, when every major browser on the market offers some kind of plugin architecture, the depth and quality of Firefox’s add-on catalog still reigns supreme.

The best part of Firefox’s add-on community is its continued dedication to creating new and exciting things. We’ve rounded up 20 Firefox extensions you may not have heard of before. Perhaps a couple of perennial favorites made our list too, but for the most part we’ve culled together some of the latest and greatest that the add-on community has to offer.


Tumblr is fast becoming the micro blogging platform of choice across all sections of Internet users. The Tumblr app in itself is well rounded with a gorgeous user interface and nice set of features. Being the spoiled brats of the internet age we are, the quest for accessing and managing Tumblr from various platforms is always out there.

There are quite a few choices when it comes to tumblr apps. In this round up, let us take a quick look on the apps that help us to enhance the Tumblr experience.


I fondly remember when Firefox first came on the scene and it changed my Internet usage with tabbed browsing, themes and extensions. Years later, I primarily use Safari on my Mac, but I still have a lot of respect for what Mozilla did for the browsing world by developing Firefox. It was the start of a whole new round of the browser wars which eventually got Microsoft to start focusing on their browser once again.