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It’d be hard to be a fan of web apps and not have heard of Wunderlist. The nearly ubiquitous to-do list app has gone from a fresh contender at its launch in late 2010 to one of the most well-known to-do list apps on the planet. It’s free, fun to use with customizable backgrounds, and has web, desktop, and mobile apps that all work exactly the same. In fact, we used to use it internally at AppStorm before switching to the new Basecamp. It works great, and looks nice: a rather killer combo.

And now, it’s better than ever. Wunderlist 2 already improved the service, but it’s lately gotten a ton of extra goodness, along with paid Pro accounts that add unlimited subtasks, task delegation, and of all things, extra backgrounds. The first two make it a serious contender for professional task management, while the latter keeps Wunderlist’s fun attitude front and center. (more…)

Last year, we saw the rise of a startup company that began with the simple idea that everyone needs a way to remember, organize, and prioritize what they want to get done. They took that idea, and built an app called Wunderlist that was both beautiful and functional. However, the company, 6Wunderkinder, knew that they could take that idea a step further, and began to work on a bigger product: Wunderkit.

Wunderkit has been carefully designed by the team at 6Wunderkinder, and over the past year as they’ve released updates to Wunderlist, they’ve also been working away at designing Wunderkit. It’s finally in private beta, and we’ve been able to get in and try out out. Keep reading to see our first impressions of Wunderkit.


Most of us struggle with too many things to do. From projects you need to complete at work or school to the random things you need to fix at your house, there’s simply too much to do each day. There are dozens of to-do list and project management apps for Windows, Mac, mobile, as well as standalone webapps so you can keep up with your tasks online. Many of them are beautifully designed and are simple to use, but they’re often expensive and only work on one platform.

Very few to-do list apps offer an integrated solution to keep your tasks synced between all of your devices. The last thing you need to do is to manage a complicated to-do list sync when you’re already struggling under too many things to do. But many popular apps still don’t sync seamlessly. Today we’re going to look at a new beautifully designed to-do list app that blows all of this away: Wunderlist.