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If you deal with presentations on a regular basis, you’re likely familiar with PowerPoint or maybe even Google’s Presentation web app. There are advantages to both desktop and web-based presentation apps, but one web app that may close the gap even further is 280 Slides.

280 Slides is a free and simply beautiful presentation web application that may offer the features and interface presenters need in order to ditch the old desktop alternative. Read more about 280 Slides after the jump, with a quick video preview.


I recently wrote about 280 Slides in a round up of resources focused on presentations. It’s a newer tool, having been around for just over one year, and it’s a great alternative to desktop presentation applications. There are other tools, such as Google Docs, that give you this functionality, but none that have the same flair as 280 Slides.

Actually, you’re hard pressed to find another web application of any type that offers the same polished experience.