Ten Great Tumblr Themes Available On ThemeForest

There’s a lot of Tumblr users out there and, if you decide to join, you might find that the stock, free themes just don’t cut it. Fortunately, for little more than ten dollars, you can give a much needed update to your Tumblr blog with some of the fantastic Tumblr themes produced by the ThemeForest designer community. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best themes for Tumblr available to buy today on ThemeForest.


Mason is a responsive Tumblr theme that describes itself as being inspired by masonry, in a clean, minimalist design. The theme boasts that it’s “highly customisable” and supports Disqus for comments, in addition to Twitter and Google Analytics.

Price: $20
Developer: mikedidthis

"Mason - A Masonry Inspired Tumblr Theme"


Tumblair is a nice minimal Tumblr theme that features a large Nivo slider, making it look more like a traditional site than the style Tumblr’s known for. In addition to customising the image slider, you can also add your tweets into the sidebar, feature a specific item and, of course, make posts that can be easily shared on social networks.

Price: $12
Developer: Thomascullen92



SimpliciTheme is much more based around the design of a traditional Tumblr blog, but with a refreshing, polished feel to it. Touting a one minute installation, SimpliciTheme is a versatile blog template for Tumblr with arange of easily customisable options so the theme can fit your blog perfectly. Included are five tileable backgrounds, so you can be sure to choose one you like.

Price: $14
Developer: thomv

"SimpliciTheme: Blog Template for Tumblr"


Timeline is a beautiful Tumblr theme that puts all your posts on a long timeline, highlighting the chronology of your posts. The theme has a responsive layout, in addition to a wide image slider included, social sharing and links, Disqus comments and Google Analytics.

Price: $14
Developer: Tofuthemes


"Timeline tumblr theme"


Notes is a responsive Tumblr theme that’s main distinction is it’s styling of posts as if they were pages of a notebook. Supporting all post types in this clean theme, Notes includes a custom-styled Disqus support for comments and Google Analytics, like many before it. The theme also includes customisable text and theme colours, as well as the ability to change the background to your own design.

Price: $14
Developer: mikedidthis

"Notes - A Clean and Responsive Tumblr Theme"


POPCASE is a super nice Tumblr theme that looks fantastic for most uses, especially portfolio-style websites thanks to it’s grid layout of post thumbnails on the homepage. Also included is an image slider that filters its way through a number of your images atop the page.

It’s responsive too, meaning it’ll scaled down or up, depending on which device you’re consuming from.

Price: $11
Developer: Tofuthemes


Black Sakura

Black Sakura is a Tumblr theme that really looks close to a traditional blog layout, in fact being heavily based upon the WordPress theme of the same name. With two customisable colour schemes, day and night, Sakura includes a number of ready made backgrounds although can be customised further too.

I’ve had personal experience with this theme, having bought it myself, and I can definitely recommend it!

Price: $15
Developer: Dream-Theme

"Sakura t."


Minimus is a Tumblr theme that boasts “extensive” customisation options (including background image, colour schemes and even fonts), as well as Disqus comment support, Twitter feed integration and being Google Analytics ready.

Price: $10
Developer: TinyGiantStudios

"Minimus Tumblr Theme - 2 in 1"

Time Goes Back

Time Goes Back is a portfolio theme for Tumblr. Instead of focusing on blog posts, Time Goes Back utilises Tumblr to create a portfolio site for yourself that’s pretty nice and well worth checking out, if not just for it’s unique-ness.

Price: $20
Developer: Baires

"Time Goes Back: A Tumblr Portfolio Theme"


Forma is a clean, refined design that looks great. Forma takes the basic layout that’s generic of Tumblr themes and offers it a polished, elegant look and feel.

Forma is incredibly easy to get setup, and features a number of customisation options including background image/colour, logo image and fonts. Like many of the other themes in this roundup, it includes support for Disqus comments, Twitter and Flickr integration, as well as sharing on a number of social networks.

Price: $20
Developer: cmt

"Forma - Premium Tumblr Theme"

There we go, ten of our favourite Tumblr themes available today on ThemeForest (and all for $20 or less too!).

If you missed it, last week we took a look at fifty of our favourite WordPress themes available on ThemeForest and stay tuned for another instalment next week!