6 Beautiful eCommerce Themes for Zen Cart and osCommerce

If you’re planning on starting a new eCommerce site, there’s a ton of different tools you can use today to start selling stuff online. There’s the biggest names in eCommerce: Magento, Shopify, and OpenCart. Then, there’s the WordPress eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce, which have gotten very popular lately. There’s also a ton of smaller eCommerce solutions that you might have never heard about.

If you look for eCommerce themes on ThemeForest, the theme and site template marketplace by our parent company Envato, you’ll find that the designers there have started making themes for quite a number of different eCommerce solutions. Two that have just recently started getting popular with theme designers are Zen Cart and osCommerce. They’re both opensource eCommerce tools, powered by PHP and MySQL, and just might be what you’re looking for in your next eCommerce solution.

Let’s take a look at some of the best themes on ThemeForest for Zen Cart and osCommerce, all of which have been released in the past couple months.

Zen Cart


Want your store to feel inviting, without just pushing your products on visitors as soon as they reach your site? Then Nicestore might be the theme for you. Its top featured banner gives your site nice flair and a way to introduce your store to visitors, before they scroll down and see your products. Nicestore is also designed for multilangual stores, so you can make sure visitors from all over the world feel welcome.

Price: $40
Designer: Templatation


If you’re starting a site to sell children’s products, then this theme might be perfect for you. It’s designed to be cute, with every part of the site custom-designed to look like it’s designed for kids. There’s even a set of business cards and letterheads on GraphicsRiver with the same theme, so you can use it to brand your whole business. Plus, 15% of every sale of the theme goes to UNICEF.

Price: $40
Designer: ssievert


If you want to customize your store just the way you want, then Mozen is the theme you should check out. This theme looks great out-of-the-box, but also includes 8 color variations and 20 module positions so you can layout your store just like you want and theme it to match your brand. If you want to dig even deeper, you can use the included layered PSD file to tweak the theme just as you want. Mozen works great on mobile devices with its responsive layout and menus, and includes a nice banner transition with price and description on your featured products. It even has MailChimp newsletter integration, so you can keep in touch with your customers easily.

Price: $40
Designer: dasinfomedia


Genesis is a theme that can work great for any type of store, no matter what you’re selling. It’s generic without being basic, letting you set the mood with your product pictures and more. You can customize its modules and sidebar from the admin panel, tweak the color scheme, and more. It’s built on the popular Twitter Bootstrap framework, which makes it easy to tweak if you decide to dive further into the code.

Price: $40
Designer: sammycorp


This theme keeps with the zen part of Zen Cart, with a clean interface to showcase your products. It’s minimalistic yet beautiful, and might be the perfect theme to use on your store if you’re showcasing a limited number of designer products. It has social media buttons, a menubar, and search, but the emphasis is placed on your products, not the site itself. Now you just need calm oriental music and green tea.

Price: $40
Designer: WebGamO



Last but not least, Dresscode shows us just how much one can do with osCommerce, and is a good enough reason in itself to give osCommerce a try if you’ve not yet decided what eCommerce system to use. Dresscode includes all the features you could want in a sharp theme. The top split banner and close-up previews when you hover over featured products is very nice, as is the many included ways to browse products by bestseller, sale, and more. It even includes social network widgets, and is fully responsive so it will work on any device.

Price: $40
Designer: etheme


So there’s some of the best eCommerce themes for your site if you’re wanting to use Zen Cart of osCommerce to power your new online store. If you still haven’t found just what you want for your online store, be sure to check back on ThemeForest for more osCommerce and Zen Cart themes that’ll be sure to be added over time! Or, check out the other eCommerce themes on Themeforest to see other themes you could use with other popular eCommerce systems.