15 Amazingly Creative Tumblr Themes from ThemeForest

If you’re looking for a great place to start a blog online, and you want to keep things simple, Tumblr’s definitely one of the first places you should consider. Its continued to make its platform one of the easiest to use, with a newly revamped dashboard and posting tools that make it even easier than ever to share with your readers. Plus, it’s full of creative people that make it far more fun than tweaking WordPress settings.

It might not be as powerful as WordPress, but that hasn’t stopped theme developers from putting together some amazingly creative themes. Our parent company Envato’s theme marketplace, ThemeForest, has a number of Tumblr themes that looks so nice, they’d tempt anyone to start a new blog. If you’ve been looking for a new theme for your Tumblr site, or want some inspiration for a new Tumblr blog, here’s some themes to get you inspired to start blogging!


Evoke … seems to evoke memories of calm autumn afternoons

A responsive theme designed around strong header images and clean content, Evoke looks the part of a modern take on the traditional blog layout. It’s filled with social and Tumblr goodness, and lets you change the header and background colors or swap the columns for a totally unique design. It’d work great no matter if you’re going for a traditional blog or want to share images and reblog.

Price: $21
Designer: PhantasiaAeterna


Windows 8, meet Tumblr

Want your pictures and videos to make a bold impression on your followers? Optic just might be the theme for you. With a strong Windows 8 Metro style design that’s responsive and integrated with Flickr, Instagram, and Dribbble, it’s a great way to show off your media, and throw in some great blog posts as well. You can pick your own colors and a photo background, and new posts will even auto-load as readers scroll down, to make sure everyone sees more of your creations than they would with most themes.

Price: $20
Designer: ChristineWilde


Your blog, turned into index cards.

Blogging can seem overwhelming if you feel like you’ve got to write thousand word posts every time you publish something. Take away the stress with Notes, a clean theme designed to look like little sheets of notebook paper – or index cards, if your posts are small – on a clean background. Suddenly, writing down a few sentences or a quick quote doesn’t seem so odd anymore.

Price: $20
Designer: mikedidthis


Don’t worry … you can still use this theme even if you don’t even have an incorporated business.

Are you a budding pro photographer, or just an amateur iPhone photographer that loves photography? Then this is the theme you should take a look at. It’s designed to focus on your photography, with a mild theme that fades to the back and lets your work stand out. Tumblr’s like and reblog features are tweaked to work perfect for photos, coming into focus when you hover over pictures. It’s subtle yet beautiful.

Price: $17
Designer: PHILSE


A clean place for your code or prose

If you love coding and writing, Orson is the theme for you. It has built-in code syntax highlighting, making it great for a more technical blog or perhaps a changelog site for your app, but its clean design makes it great for any type of writing as well. Plus, it has enough options to many any blogging geek happy.

Price: $20
Designer: mikedidthis


A theme pretty enough to make me want to visit the country it’s named after

Want a bit of skeuomorphic cuteness in your blog? Trinidad, with its paper-style blog posts, drop shadows, and subtile sketched graphics, just might be the thing for you. It’d sure make a pretty travel blog, or a great place just to blog about the great trip of life.

Price: $18
Designer: thenorthmind


A clean theme that tells us how awesome it is

You need a clean site to showcase your writing, but don’t want things to be too plain? Memoir might be just what the doctor ordered. It’s one of the cleanest writing-focused themes, but throws in a bit of style with every other post showing on a slanted background in a lighter shade. And if you happen to prefer blogging on WordPress, there’s a WordPress version of Memoir as well!

Price: $19
Designer: designcrumbs


Flat. Elegantly flat.

Another theme with a different twist on the Metro style, Royalis shows how elegant a flat design can look. It’s a great showcase of how nice a blog can look with more muted colors and sharp edges in a classy, minimalist design. And it’s great for any type of Tumblr blog – pictures, text, or anything else.

Price: $18
Designer: pixify


The theme you need when you want your visitors to be wowed.

It’s hard to believe this theme is running on Tumblr when you first load it. With an animated opening banner, a menu and search you’d expect from more full-featured CMSes, fully responsive layout, and some of the nicest post-to-post navigation we’ve ever seen, it’s an impressive portfolio site for anyone with a creative twist to their career. The main page is focused on your creations, but the bottom widgets give you room to let people know more about you and get in touch.

Price: $20
Designer: PixelMoxie


It’s like someone sewed Pinterest and Tumblr together. Oh wait.

Have you ever thought that Pinterest’s design would make a great blog? Now’s your chance to turn that idea into reality. Sewed takes a bit of skeuomorphic design mixed with Pinterest’s layout, giving you a nice faux-retro style for your blog. It’s almost like a corkboard with your posts and pictures and more pinned up for everyone to see.

Price: $20
Designer: PhantasiaAeterna


A clean, swiss-inspired theme for your Tumblr

Zurich makes great use of clean design and faint shadows to turn your content into a beautiful site. It has a collapsable sidebar to share more info about yourself, a color setting to let you change how the highlights and links look, and a PSD so you can tweak your own background image to look this good in your own site. It looks modern and sharp without looking too much like most other designs you see these days.

Price: $20
Designer: ChristineWilde


Your content is just building blocks for your site.

A clean theme with a unique, almost-Pinterest style layout, Mason says it’s inspired by masonry and makes your content look like little blocks on a concrete wall. It has faintly rounded corners and light grey colors that make your content pop while not appearing too bold and in-your-face. It’s great for Tumblrs that have embraced the multimedia format Tumblr pushes instead of traditional blogs, as it’d look pretty drab with a text-only blog.

Price: $20
Designer: mikedidthis

The Catalog

Tumblr, grown up.

Tumblr doesn’t quite look recognizable as a simple blog with this nicely designed theme. It has a front-page slider with full-sized images, with your posts featured underneath, and looks almost more like a print magazine than a blog. Whether you’re blogging with featured images on your posts, or making a portfolio of your images and artwork, this is a theme that’ll make your work look professional.

Price: $20
Designer: misspato


It’s Path, turned into a Tumblr theme

Remember Path, the iPhone and Android app-only social network? It’s a beautiful way to share your memories, but is slightly limited since it can only be used by those with smartphones. If you love Path’s style, but want to share what’s going on with the world, this is the theme for you. Its design is Path-inspired, but it’s still uniquely Tumblr, ready for reblogging and everything else Tumblr is known for.

Price: $14
Designer: Tofuthemes

Pop Gallery

It’s ship portholes. Or Swiss Cheese.

Here’s a final catchy theme to round off our roundup. It uses CSS to make a round preview image of everything on your site, text and images alike. It’s also uniquely designed as a halfway eCommerce theme, since you can mark posts (which can be previews of items you’re selling) as new, for sell, or reserved, making it a great way, say, to show off the things you’re selling on Etsy.

Price: $14
Designer: misspato

Now Go Start Tumblring!

That should be enough to get anyone that likes blogging excited about starting a new Tumblr blog! If you haven’t found a theme that fits your taste yet, or want something a bit cheaper to get started, be sure to check out Tumblr’s own free theme gallery, or check out Tumblr and ThemeForest’s other paid themes.

Have fun Tumblring!