Switch off the TV- 20 Sites with Free Video on Demand

Why watch videos on your TV? You can find thousands of videos online and you can watch them on your own schedule. From your favorite television shows to series made just for the web, you can find the right video no matter your viewing taste.



When it comes watching videos online, YouTube is always the first site to get mentioned. Everybody knows its name and everyone watches videos on the site. But it’s not the only option out there…



Vimeo has fast become a favorite with a lot of filmmakers because the site allows you to watch HD videos as well as lower quality. The site’s community is also great at digging up interesting new videos worth your time to watch.

Google Video

03-Google Video

While Google Video doesn’t get the same kind of press as Google’s other video site, YouTube, it does have a great collection of longer videos. Documentaries, speeches and TV shows are all available on Google Video.



If you’re looking for conference coverage, Viddler routinely has videos of great conferences that you may not have been able to attend in person. There are also some long-running series on the site worth checking out.



Dedicated to providing a home for independent shows, Blip.tv has some great series that you’ve never even heard of.



For television shows, Hulu can be the easiest way to find many of the shows you like to watch. The site covers networks like NBC and SyFy.



Similar to Hulu, Veoh lets you watch television shows straight off of CBS, MTV and other networks. The site also as a lot of older television shows, like The Twilight Zone.



If you want to watch the shows that air on ABC, you can find most of them on ABC’s website. Available shows include Dancing With the Stars and Castle.



Offering a wide variety of shows, from Star Trek: The Original Series to the Late Show With David Letterman, Joost has plenty to watch.



Officially a social network for web television shows, you can watch shows in 12 different channels on Sevenload. Those channels include lifestyle, news, natural world and other channels that you might expect to see on cable.



If cooking shows are your thing, ClipChef can provide you with plenty of videos to watch. The site is dedicated to sharing videos of cooks preparing recipes, letting you learn recipes as you watch.



With Metacafe, you can catch up on sports, music videos and other videos. If you register for the site, you can also set up your profile so that the site finds videos you’ll want to watch.



Need to keep up with your favorite extreme sport? BroadbandSports has videos of events, as well as pro channels.



You can watch travelers explore new places without turning on the Travel Channel. Travelistic provides access to thousands of travel videos from all over the world.

The Onion


The Onion is known for its satirical take on the news. Its videos can keep you laughing all day long.



From home repair to business tips, HelpfulVideo is full of short videos that can help you complete a variety of projects.



With a wide variety of channels, DailyMotion is able to provide videos on just about everything. The site also offers social media tools like events and groups, making it easier to find new videos that you will want to watch.

No Good TV

18-No Good TV

You won’t find good clean videos on No Good TV. The site prides itself on including strong language and other material that you don’t want your kids to watch.

TVU Networks

19-TVU Networks

For international shows, TVU Networks can be a great resources. The site offers access to many programs from countries such as China.



You can search more than 35 million hors of video in one go on Blinkx. Be aware, though, that the site doesn’t actually host all of those videos — clicking on a result may take you to a new site.

Get Rid of That Monthly Payment

The internet has had a major effect on newspapers and magazines — it only makes sense that television and movies will feel the effects as well.

If you’re going to take time out of your day to watch TV, why not do it at a low, low cost?