The Apps That Don’t Work With PayPal, And What You Can Use Instead

The world is different now. If you’re reading this article, you’re already connected with people around the world online, and our own writing team hails from a number of different countries. Now you don’t need to leave your country to work and shop beyond your border.

There’s tons of essential apps that help us all work online and be more productive in today’s interconnected world, but there’s one service that, more than any other, makes global work and commerce actually work: PayPal. The payment juggernaut owned by eBay is the handiest way to transfer money overseas without all the bureaucracy of dealing with banks.

If you sell stuff online, you’ll likely get paid via PayPal, so why not use PayPal to pay for all of your online services? There’s one problem: everyone doesn’t accept PayPal payments. Let’s look at the most popular services that don’t work with PayPal, and the alternates you can use with PayPal instead.

Quick Disclaimer

You may wonder: “why not using a credit card instead?”. Plastic money is extremely popular at some countries, yet not so much in others. If you don’t have a credit card, it’s next to impossible to pay for any online services unless they accept PayPal.

Then comes personal control: it is easier to manage actual money than credit, which keeps folks like myself out of debt. I’ll always give preference to a service that accepts Paypal, so I can take the weight away from the credit card. Debit cards work for that as well, but then, they’re also not as common everywhere.

Finally, there’s the fact that you might already have money in PayPal, and would rather purchase stuff directly from it without having to transfer funds to your bank. If everything’s in PayPal, you can manage subscriptions easier as well.

So that’s why I prefer using PayPal whenever I can. Now, to the apps: the first app listed is the one that won’t work with PayPal, and its alternates are listed after. Enjoy!

Services you can’t subscribe with PayPal (and their alternatives)


Droplr makes file-sharing a breeze and you can use the service for free, but if you need a few more features like custom domains, private drops, statistics, 100 GB storage and 1 GB per file limit, you can subscribe for $3.99/month of $39.99/year for Droplr Pro.

Alternative: CloudApp. There’s always this dispute between these two services, yet only this one accepts Paypal. It doesn’t work as subscriptions, but packages, starting at $5 for 1 month and up to $45 a year for CloudApp Pro.

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Google Drive

When Google joined the file synchronization world, many people gave it a try. It offered more free storage than the main option back then, which was Dropbox, plus the advantages to the Google world integration with Docs and everything else. You can get more storage starting at $2.49/month for 25 GB and going up to 16 TB.

Alternative: In the end, it is Dropbox. You can get a Pro plan which starts on 100 GB for $9.99/month or $99.99/year.

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Box is kind of an underdog when it comes for file syncing, yet it recently got a lot of visibility by offering 50 GB free storage for new accounts. Still, if you were not so fortunate to grab a huge account back then, you can grab 1000 GB for $15/month per user for the Business account. However, it doesn’t accept PayPal as well.


Replacing our external hard drives with a cloud solution is a growing alternative for plenty of people. Backblaze offers unlimited storage for $5/month or $50/year.

Alternative: Crashplan accepts Paypal for its yearly subscriptions, starting at $59.99/year, you won’t be able to subscribe with Paypal as you purchase a plan, but if you mail Crashplan they’ll offer you that option.


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Done talking about files, you won’t read that word again from now on. I promise. What about blogging? Squarespace came with a great alternative for your website. Starting at $8/month you can start with a custom domain, 500 GB bandwidth and 2 GB storage, up to $24/month to use their eCommerce.

Alternative: accepts PayPal and you can get their Pro Bundle for $99/year or the individual upgrades for your free account. You can have a custom domain, 13 GB of storage and advanced customization options.

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If you were looking to make your pledge for Posthaven, you’ll also need a credit card. If you don’t know what it is, check our interview with the team behind it and recent review of the service.


When it comes to music streaming, Pandora is one of the most popular services, available exclusively for U.S., Australia and New Zealand. You can listen to your music without ads and on 192kbps by upgrading to Pandora One for 3.99/month or $36/year.

Alternative: Rdio and Spotify are the most wellknown alternatives in this case. Both have plans starting at $4.99/month, Spotify also offers a free plan. Remember that neither of these services are available in every country.

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There are some good chances that if you’re using PayPal to stash your money that you’re a freelancer working with a company overseas. Then you need some good way to send invoices and Ronin brings you that, beginning with a free plan and moving upwards starting at $15/month.

Alternative: Freshbooks offers PayPal subscription for yearly plans, you can find the process here, but ready to spend $215.46 for the whole year. You can actually send invoices for free with PayPal if your needs are small. Or just check our roundup for more options on invoicing and time tracking.

Our detailed reviews on Freshbooks and Ronin may help you out in your decision.


Mostly all options for team management for business are credit card based, while the use of PayPal is more common for individuals, freelancers or small business. So the absence of Paypal is somewhat justified, though sad since they do have the new Basecamp Personal for freelancers. You can start taking advantages of Basecamp’s project management and online collaboration down to $20/month to manage up to 10 projects.

AlternativeProducteev is the first that comes to mind that offers unlimited users and workspace for $20/month. Todoist Premium for $29/year or the free Trello are other options.

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We love task management around here, and TeuxDeux got a 10 at the time of its review. It’s gotten a makeover since then that’s getting great ratings all around, so expect it to be good. Starting at $3/month or $24/year you can keep an account and enjoy one of the most gorgeous task managers out there.

Alternative: If you kick a tree, at least 3 task management apps are gonna fall, so you have many, many options. Among our favorites you’ll find Remember the Milk, Toodledo, Nirvana, Wunderlist and the list goes on.

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Where to jot down simple ideas, lists and snippets of text at any time? Simplenote is the choice for most users. Many are happy with the free plan, yet for Dropbox sync, no ads and more users can purchase Premium for $19.99/year.

Alternative: Evernote offers PayPal as a payment method for its Premium subscription at $5/month or $45/year. They’re different services at their cores — there’s no plain text on Evernote and you can’t save sites on Simplenote — but the point here is notetaking and that’s the first use of Evernote.

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This roundup has a single objective: make your life easier when finding out the best services if you relay on PayPal for your business. You can transfer money back and forth to your bank account and be more responsible with your credit cards, but still, using Paypal for your subscriptions when you’re already used to the service is just simpler.

Does this article points out if a service is better than the other? Definitely not, unless you consider payment method as a parameter of quality. That’s why there are plenty of links to our other reviews, so you can have a better look at the services I present here. If you got some PayPal cash to spare, this is the article you’ve been waiting for.