The Web Apps the AppStorm Team is Thankful For

It’s Thanksgiving week for Americans, and here at AppStorm our international team still enjoys listing the apps we’re thankful for. We use tons of web apps in our daily work and leisure time, in addition to all the apps we try out for reviews and roundups that we publish here daily. It’d take way too long to list every app we use, but we rounded up a personal favorite from many on our team, as well as a couple of the apps that keep our articles coming your way every day.

Keep reading to see the apps that the Web.AppStorm team is most thankful for this year.

Sorry this article wasn’t published on Thanksgiving. My Dad had a mild stroke this week, and it’s thrown my holiday schedule off. Hope you still enjoy reading about our favorite apps! ~Matthew

The Apps that Keep AppStorm Running

It takes a number of web apps to keep most sites running on, and AppStorm, with a global team of writers, is no exception. We use many small apps, from Polldaddy for weekly polls to Twitter and Facebook for networking, but here’s the two that are most crucial for us.


AppStorm is powered by WordPress, as are so many sites on the internet these days, and it’s easily the most important web app for us. Many of us got our start blogging on, but it’s the power of the open-source WordPress on your own hosting that makes it such an amazing tool. It lets all of our writers submit articles, helps us get rid of spam comments, makes it easy to schedule and organize articles, and more. It is AppStorm’s backbone, and we’d be hard pressed to live without it.


The world’s getting smaller every day it seems, thanks to technology. Still, keeping a team running across the world can be tough. Email chains are confusing, as anyone that’s use email for a long time knows, and shared calendars or basic to-dos would keep us all jumping between apps. Enter the new Basecamp. The AppStorm team manages all of our article ideas, team discussions about new directions, group messages, and more in this app. It lets us manage to-dos freestyle, keep discussions together, manage due dates and deadlines, share files, and more. And, since its priced for teams with unlimited users, it’s far more economical for our large team than most project management apps.

The Apps Our Team Loves

Most of our writers have a number of web apps they love and use daily, but we asked them to recommend one that’s especially useful to them. Here’s a handful of the very best apps our team loves:


Pocket has not only made it so much easier to bookmark anything I like, but to also access it. I can get to all my bookmarks anywhere. In fact, it’s the great layout that you get in Pocket – whether on desktop or mobile – that is the real winner. It’s a more inviting design to read articles or view videos and photos, which makes me come back to stuff I have saved for later reading more often than I did before. And since it’s private, I’m assured that no one else can see what I’m bookmarking.

~Clark Wayne

Remember the Milk

Having tried to do list alternatives to no end, I keep coming back to this one and have stuck with it for years now. The web interface is really nothing to write home about, but their text-based, smart, quick entry feature is so amazing, I can’t think of using anything else and having to use my mouse to add due dates, tags, etc. to my tasks. What other app lets you type “do something ^4 days #random *weekly !1” and knows you need to do something in four days from now, repeat it weekly and tags it as random? And their mobile apps are top notch!

~Ashish Bogawat


I absolutely love using xmarks for my bookmarking needs. Being that I am always on various computers throughout the work week, it is nice to know that using this web app, all of my bookmarks are in sync no matter what computer I am on. Best of all, I love that it is free to use and that I can sync bookmarks on my iPad and iPhone with it as well.

~Shaun Takenouchi


This one needs no introduction. It is by far the best way to access your Google Reader subscriptions on the web, bar none. Again, the mobile apps are stellar, so one doesn’t need to look elsewhere, irrespective of the device you are on.

~Ashish Bogawat


Whether it’s personal photos or work documents, I rely on Dropbox’s cloud storage service for accessing files anywhere as well as a worry-free file backup method.

~Kim Barloso

Google Drive

One app that I certainly couldn’t live without is Google Drive. More so for the document editing than the file storage, it’s become a great way for me to easily create and manage my documents, and with its latest redesign, the interface makes it incredibly pleasant to use – free from distraction. Thanks, Google!

~Ryan Stubbs


After spending my whole day in WordPress at AppStorm, I wanted a simpler way to write for my own site. I write almost everything I publish in plain text with Markdown formatting, and grew tired of turning that into HTML and publishing it via WordPress. Plus, whenever I wanted to tweak my site’s design, I had to resort to themes and plugins since I didn’t have time to dig into WordPress’ complex code. Enter Kirby. It’s a flat file, markdown powered CMS that makes it incredibly easy to build your own site from plain text files. It’s fun to use, and is a nice breath of fresh air for the CMS world. Geeky, but fun.

~Matthew Guay