Get the Right Start

Many people are particular about the state of their computer when logging on or booting up. They take the time to set certain applications to start at log in or for various application windows to be placed just so. The idea is to have your machine set up in the exact manner that helps you to do whatever it is that you need to do.

But what about the browser? With the focus on cloud computing and web applications, for many people, the browser start page is now the more important item to have set properly so as to meet your needs.

This shift has brought about the proliferation of many new ‘start’ pages that employ different approaches. Which suits you best will depend on your needs.

Here’s a few that caught our eye.

Information Portals

There has been a lot of focus — from the big players — on the portal page. This is the type of site that focuses on bringing all of your important web applications onto one page. It’s a “one-page-for-all-your-needs” mentality.

Email, pictures, RSS feeds, calendars and your tasks can all be accessed from one of these pages.

The Big Names

When it comes to information, including personal information, Google leads the way. iGoogle is the page that will bring all your Google tools to your browser in one nice window. Yahoo and Live (Microsoft) are of the same mold.

Other services in this field include Pageflakes and Netvibes.



Great integration with all the Google apps.

MY Yahoo


Still one of the most popular pages on the web.



Chock full of Ajax.



Highly customizable.

A More Simple Approach

But not everyone likes a crowded page with smileys and sunsets. If you prefer a simpler way to start your browsing session, give these a try.



Add only what you need, including bookmarks and notes.


A nice replacement to keep your bookmarks or favorite feeds.

Alternative Options

Maybe the portal approach is not for you. With the options that are available to you, that’s okay. Give one of these a try.

Extreme Minimalism

Nothing screams minimal like a blank page. It’s hard to be distracted from the task at hand with this home page.



Nothing to see here.

Go Straight to the Source

Another perfectly legitimate option is to admit that when you open your browser, you’re there for entertainment. Forget about a portal page, email or other tool — go straight to the social tool of your choice and see what your peeps are up to.


Blog your thoughts or catch up on the news.

Blog your thoughts or catch up on the news.


Browse through the Twittersphere.

Browse through the Twittersphere.

Remind Yourself

An interesting option from Jack Cheng, StickyScreen allows you to save a note for yourself. Maybe you need a reminder to focus on your task or some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. Use Stickyscreen to remind yourself of just that.



A nice way to remind yourself what you SHOULD be doing.

What’s in Your Browser?

This list only scratches the surface. Leave a comment and let us know what your start page is — and why.