Ten Tools for Your Pinterest Toolbelt

Pinterest is a great social networking site, but it is definitely still young and lacking in some features. Whether you want to pin an unsupported format or want an in-depth analysis of your “pinfluence”, these and other potential features just aren’t available in Pinterest (yet, anyway). If you’d like the Pinterest experience but with more features, you can either use an entirely different Pinterest alternative, or you can try using one of these Pinterest-based tools.

This collection has a huge variety of tools, including ways to explore, discover, analyze and more. There are even a few browser plug-ins to really make your Pinterest experience worthwhile. These tools definitely give Pinterest a whole new layer of functionality and you’re sure to find at least one you don’t know how you ever pinned without. Read on to learn about 10 of my favorite Pinterest tools.

Discovery and Exposure


The first tool on the list is SpinPicks, a tool for discovering new content to share on Pinterest (and other social networks). The search bar on Pinterest is merely acceptable in most cases and is certainly not very powerful. SpinPicks provides a work-around of sorts, allowing users to view images on the SpinPicks site by category, trending topic and more. The images can then be pinned or shared on any site. If you need new content to share, SpinPicks is a fantastic way to find it.

Price: Free
Developer: SpinPicks

Woobox Pinterest Tab

If your concern is not finding more content, but rather increasing the exposure for your existing content, then you may want to check out Woobox. Woobox as a whole allows users to create tabs for Facebook pages with content like coupons or sweepstakes. They also have a free application dedicated specifically to putting your Pinterest boards onto a tab on your Facebook page. This is a great way to up the number of folks checking out and exploring your pins.

Price: Free
Developer: WooBox

New Pin Types


Sometimes, pinning just a single image from a website is not quite enough. Unfortunately, that is all that Pinterest natively supports. If you are looking for a way to pin an entire website screenshot and not just a single image, then you need to try url2p.it. This site allows you to type in the url of the site you wish to pin and a screenshot is automatically generated for you to pin. While you could also take a screenshot and then manually upload it to Pinterest, this is much faster and works much easier.

Price: Free
Developer: Clapps.me

Share As Image

Share As Image, formerly known as “Pin a Quote,” allows users to save text from anywhere on the web as an image to pin onto Pinterest. Simply highlight the text and then utilize their bookmark to create an image to pin. While the free version is great if you only need to pin a quote or two, consider investing in the pro version if you pin a lot of quotes. The pro version allows customization of font, color, size and more.

Price: Free version, $2.99 for pro version
Developer: Share as Image


While Share as Image and Url2pin.it are great one-purpose tools, if you need a tool that allows you to pin a variety of new content types, then Pinstamatic is for you. Pinstamatic allows users to pin entire websites, sticky notes, spotify tracks, quotes, twitter profiles, calendar dates and even specific locations. While Pinstamatic doesn’t offer the same convenience as, say, the bookmark provided by Share as Image, the ability to pin such a diverse range of pin types is great.

Price: Free
Developer: Cazcade Limited



PinReach is one of many Pinterest analytic tools. PinReach shows you statistics related to both your personal Pinterest account as well as some overarching Pinterest trends. If you need personal statistics, PinReach shows you a history of repins for your account, your most popular pins and an advanced analysis of your followers. If general Pinterest statistics are what you are looking for, PinReach tells you the top Pinners, trending pins and the type of content that is currently garnering the most attention.

Price: Free
Developer: PinReach LLC


Pinpuff is another great analytics tool, and a way to earn some free stuff. Pinpuff analyzes your Pinterest account to determine your pinpuff or “pinfluence” score. Once you have gotten the initial score, you are able to go to a more indepth page which analyzes your account and gives you individual scores for “reach,” “activity” and “virality.” If your score is high, you can sign up for PinPerks, which allows you to earn money, gift cards and more for pinning and having a greater influence.

Price: Free
Developer: Pinpuff

Browser Plug-ins


Sometimes, there are features that make you scratch your head and wonder why Pinterest doesn’t natively have these features. The ability to hover over a pin and see a larger version is one of those features. Luckily, there are a number of different browser plug-ins to bring you this particular feature, and many others. Pinzy is a Google Chrome plug-in that gives you the ability to expand an image without clicking on it. There are also similar plug-ins which allow you to have the same feature on Firefox and other browsers.

Price: Free
Requires: Google Chrome
Developer: Ryan McLaughlin

Pinterest Right-Click

Pinterest Right-Click is another fantastically useful plug-in which allows you to simply right click and pin an image to Pinterest when using Mozilla Firefox. Similar plug-ins are, again, available for other browsers. Pinterest Pro, for example, is a great plug-in for Chrome which adds the right-click functionality.

Price: Free
Requires: Mozilla Firefox
Developer: Felix Fung

Pin Search

Finally, Pin Search is a Chrome plug-in which allows you to do a Google search of any image on Pinterest. Simply right-click and search to find similar pictures, all locations where the picture appears and information about the image’s creator. The search button also appears when you hover over the image.

Price: Free
Requires: Google Chrome
Developer: Lnti.me

Pinterest is a fantastic site, loved by many. However, there are a number of features that the site is notably lacking in. Luckily, kind developers have created a number of tools that supplement the functionality that Pinterest is lacking in. These tools add abilities to analyze, pin, discover, share and more.

These are some tools that I think are fantastic, but of course the list is not all-encompassing. As always, I want to hear from you. What are your must-have Pinterest tools?