7 Fabulous Browser Extensions for Facebook

Browser extensions are a great way of extending the functionality of a browser through a third-party and can add a ton of useful utlities, features and customisation options.  These modifications can be as big a part of your life as the network itself, creating disappointment when you log in somewhere and the extension isn’t present.

Earlier this week, we took a quick look at some great browser extensions for Twitter. Today we’re going to look at Facebook and a bunch of browser extensions to support and modify it, including the simple things like zooming in on photos to the larger things like manipulating your news feed and even integrating it with Google+!

Better Facebook!

Better Facebook is a universal plugin (sans Internet Explorer, what can you expect) to enhance and customise your Facebook experience on Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera with over 75 individual options.

These over 75 individual options include the option to turn on a tabbed feed whereby posts are split up by application, themes (yep, like the ones that spam Facebook and never work, except this one works) and new general functionality such as hiding read posts. Plus, Better Facebook includes a in-depth feed customiser to refine the most fundamental details of your news feed.

Better Facebook was created in 2009 by someone wanting to fix the parts of Facebook that annoyed him. Now, it’s an extremely popular browser extension used by thousands.

Browsers: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera
Developer: Matt Kruse

FB Photo Zoom

FB Photo Zoom is a favourite extension of mine that does what it says on the tin: it lets you zoom photos in Facebook. Rather than having to load up the Facebook photo lightbox just to view a photo in full, this extension enlarges them when hovered over.

FB Photo Zoom is a very simple utility that I love. It isn’t anything fancy, but does the job of adding a functionality I think should be in Facebook as stock.

I would take this opportunity to reference my earlier point about going to a new PC and being disappointed that the extension doesn’t exist over there. With this extension, that is definitely true and happens to me all the time.

Browsers: Chrome, Safari
Developer: Regis Gaughan

Unsubscribe Social Monitor

Unlike the previous item, Unsubscribe’s Social Monitor is a little more complex browser extension that you can think of as an anti-virus app for Facebook of sorts. The Social Monitors works in unison with your Facebook account to monitor the safety of various other Facebook-based apps.

Social Monitor offers a simple, all-in-one solution of checking out your account’s safety including a visual representation of the app’s permission level, reputation and recommended course of action. Ultimately, the Social Monitor will inform you, on an app-by-app basis, whether the app’s fine, whether you should take caution or whether to uninstall it as soon as possible.

Developer: Unsubscribe

Unannoying Facebook

Like FB Photo Zoom, Unannoying Facebook is a simple utility for tweaking Facebook to increase your satisfaction with the social network. This one deals specifically with some of Facebook’s newest additions, even more specifically the live stream of events with a lesser importance, being removed for users who don’t prefer to have them cluttering up their browser window.

Browser: Chrome
Developer: Tan Nhu

Adblock Pro

Adblock Pro is a well-rounded ad blocking extension that’s perhaps the most popular in its class. While not specific to Facebook, it also works its magic on the world’s largest social network. If you don’t feel like having your social interactions interrupted by a bunch of ads, Adblock Pro does an excellent job of pushing them out the way.

Adblock Pro is built by it’s community, being an open-source project first started by Henrik Aasted Sørensen in 2002. Since around late-2006/early-2007 Adblock Pro has been the most downloaded Firefox add-on, a position its held to this date.

Browsers: Firefox, Chrome
Developer: Community members

Facebook Blocker

Not everyone likes Facebook, and some hold a fervent hate for the social network but, luckily, they have this browser extension to help. Facebook Blocker blocks instances of Facebook’s social sharing throughout the web, hiding the like button that pops up at the footer of oh-so-many blogs.

The distinct, main focus of the extension is to remove the social buttons, but the add-on will preserve Facebook Connect for login purposes, so there isn’t any risk of you loosing access to your accounts across the web.

Browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
Developer: webgraph


Finally, we finish with a browser extension that is used as an auxiliary in some people’s move from Facebook to Google+. The extension, available on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, adds an additional tab to Google+ to view your Facebook stream on.

Upon connecting to Facebook, Google+ will get a new, prominent button which opens a frame of your Facebook stream allowing you to check up on both social networks at once, and eventually migrate into full Google+ use.

Now, where’s the equivalent for Twitter?

Browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome
Developer: Crossrider

Have you got a favourite extension we’ve missed off the list? Share it in the comments!