Twelve Tremendous eCommerce Themes From ThemeForest

E-commerce is big business, but a badly designed website (from both an aesthetic and experience perspective) can turn people away. I can definitely confirm this, through personal experience. Fortunately, there’s a selection of great, premium themes available on ThemeForest. In this roundup, we’re going to take a look at some of the e-commerce themes available on ThemeForest for WordPress and other CMSes.


Stored is a WordPress e-commerce theme for the Cart66 plugin which will help transform your blog into a full-blown online store complete with informative product pages and even an affiliates system!

Price: $55
Developer: designcrumbs

Alternative: ReStored is a version of Stored and another e-commerce theme for WordPress, specifically tailored for digital goods that can be downloaded with ease through an integrated plugin.

Price: $55
Developer: designcrumbs

"Stored - Ecommerce WordPress Theme for Cart66"

The Builder

The Builder is a beautiful, multipurpose WordPress theme built on the open-source WooCommerce theme. Not only does it look great, but, thanks to it’s integration with the free WooCommerce plugin, it’s incredibly functional.

Price: $55
Developer: webinpixels

"The Builder - Multipurpose WordPress Theme"

WP Flexishop 2

WP Flexishop 2 is perhaps my favourite theme on this list because it clean, elegant design creates a beautiful piece of work. Alongside it’s stellar design, the theme is powered by WooCommerce so it’s got all the functionality that make quite a few of these themes awesome!

Price: $55
Developer: PrimaThemes

"WP Flexishop 2 - A Flexible WooCommerce Theme"


FreshShop is another clean and elegant e-commerce theme, although it differs this time by being integrated with Jigoshop.

Jigoshop is another popular WordPress plugin that powers a variety of WordPress stores and can even be extended itself through plugins and extensions.

Price: $55
Developer: JamiGibbs

"FreshShop - A WordPress E-Commerce Theme"


DownloadShop is an e-commerce theme for WordPress for digital goods of any type (as long as they can be compressed in a *.zip archive, they can be sold on the store). When a user purchases an item, the file will be made immediately available for download.

You can even run and maintain a blog or news section alongside the store.

Price: $55
Developer: feeleep

"DownloadShop - Sell digital goods easily, WP theme"


Kauri is a responsive WooCommerce theme that infinitely customisable and therefore aesthetically versatile to your potential brand.

Price: $55
Developer: aligatorstudio


"Kauri - responsive theme for WP e-Commerce"


Shopping is another e-commerce theme for WordPress, powered by the latest version of WooCommerce, the aforementioned open-source WordPress plugin.

It’s got one of the best designs on this list with a somewhat skeumorphic design that matches fashion stores especially, although can be applied to a plethora of products.

Price: $55
Developer: minimalthemes

"Shopping eCommerce WordPress Template"


mag.Press is a clean, minimalist e-commerce WordPress theme running off WooCommerce that pledges clean and commented code so, theoretically, should be easy to customise and edit to your heart’s content.

Price: $55
Developer: obox

"mag.Press eCommerce - WordPress Theme"


Shoppica is a clean, responsive theme for OpenCart with the potential for infinite colour schemes for easy branding. The whole theme is powered through jQuery, allowing for a nice, intuitive interface complete with intro slideshow.

Price: $35
Developer: ThemeBurn

"Shoppica – Premium Open Cart Theme"


Sellegance is another great OpenCart theme with an elegant, responsive design.

Price: $25
Developer: luisvelaz

"Sellegance - Responsive and Clean OpenCart Theme"


Reponse is a clean, minimalist e-commerce theme for Magento that’s description boasts about it’s versatility. By keeping the design simple, the developer aims to allow the theme to be applicable to any type of store or Magento project.

Price: $75
Developer: 3000themes

"Response - Responsive Magento Theme"



Fortis is another Magento e-commerce theme that really highlights it’s versatility in being able to be used for any type of store, although the theme feels particularly perfect for electronics, as shown in their preview image.

The theme packs a lot of information about products, so if you fancy a theme for a site that really needs to showcase a lot of specification data, this might be the one.

Price: $80
Developer: infortis

"Fortis - flexible Magento Theme"


There we have it, twelve of our favourite e-commerce themes on ThemeForest from a selection of popular CMSes. If you’ve got a particular favourite that we haven’t mentioned, be sure to drop a link in the comments and share your thoughts.

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