15 Amazing HTML5 Games

Since its inception, HTML5 has being used in many areas where, previously, Flash used to be the only major player. Today, you can build full-featured apps, accelerated graphics in games, stream HD video, and so much more just using native web code. No plugins required. The web is now an app platform in its own right.

The web has been a gaming platform for years — remember the flash based physics games that are so similar to Angry Birds, but came out years back? Now, though, the best online games aren’t just games that require Flash or full application downloads to run; they’re games designed 100% in native web code. Here’s 15 of the best HTML5 games that pulled me in, and kept me playing far longer than I thought they could.



I love this game

A soft music playing in your ears, as you travel through space guiding an amoeba entrusted to you by the great Guin himself, to safety.
Red dots are many… take care to avoid them. Hit other dots for power ups and move around a lot for more points.

Galactic Inbox

galactic inbox

Gmail vs spam

The first reaction I got from a friend who watched me playing this was…

“What the ****?!”

Welcome to the space arena where the champion gmail fights against the space invaders armed with the winged shoes of Mercury himself. I guess this is how Gmail keeps the spam emails at bay. Even if not, it’s a rather entertaining online game.



Avoid the red orbs

The blue orbs are your enemies and they must be captured!

Enclose the blue orbs in your trail before they explode. Gain bonus points by enclosing multiple blue orbs at once. Take care to avoid enclosing the red ones or you’ll end up losing the points you just earned.

Fight or Flight

fight or flight

Capture ’em or avoid ’em

Meet the big round red bosses and their small red round minions. Capture the orbs you can and avoid bumping into others. This game offers the user two ways of playing – the traditional mouse, or your device orientation for smart phones or tablets. It also uses the browser’s local storage to keep a persistent record of the user’s highest score.



Shoot the words down before they overwhelm you

I signed up for a typewriting course when I was in college, and needless to say, it was so boring that I quit after two days. This game, though, makes learning typewriting a fun and addictive experience. I spent quite a lot of time playing Z-type, shooting down the words before they overwhelmed my anti-aircraft gun.

Asteroids [reloaded]


Asteroids – reloaded

Here’s v.2 of the good old classic game, Asteroids, just like the Matrix and Matrix reloaded. You’ve got your shield and your cannons, and you are ready. Its time to blast the asteroids and the alien spacecrafts to kingdom come.



Kindle to the rescure

You are the great watchman Kindle Elderwood atop Wick, the great snowy owl. You have a mission – save the city of Grendale from the evil CandleFinger and his gremlin hordes. Use your cane of justice to save the city from the underworld.



Sunny day with monsters

Its a warm and sunny day and everything seems perfect. But wait!

No! Monsters are falling from the skies! Kick them back to where they came from!

With a bright and colorful background, funky music and monsters whose looks are far from menacing, this is a game that your kids — or the kid in you — might enjoy.



Bring them together

Convergence is a game that requires lots of coordination. You are given control of two characters that move in opposite directions to each other. The idea is to bring them together and connect them in love. It’s harder than it looks, but fun at the same time.



Gun toting triangle

We often see action films where gun toting movie heroes engage scores of villains with uzis of unlimited ammo, shooting at ridiculous angles and making it look easy. Well Mr and Mrs Smith, you’ve got a new kid around the block: a gun toting triangle who does everything that you did in the movie except the (ahem!). Perhaps, he might be your greatest rival.

Onslaught Arena

onslaught arena

Spartacus vs Theokoles

Have you watched Spartacus? Well, this is the hero himself in action against monsters of different kinds, armed with a HTML5 shield and throwing swords. With the graphics resembling the classic arcade games, this is a fun game with powerups and monsters ranging from bats to dragons.

Canvas Defense

canvas defense

Position your units wisely as they are only few in number

Your military base is in danger and you are tasked with defending it from enemy invasion. Fortify your positions with obstacles, towers, magnetic arcs and mighty laser guns and defend your position at all costs.

Sand Trap

sand trap

Fill the bucket in the shortest possible time

The objective of the game is to fill the sand bucket with sand inside a rotating cube maze that hovers above the bucket. Fill up the bucket and the sand meter goes up. Once you have crossed the minimum requirement, you get to advance to the next level. This is a simple yet addictive game.

Canvas Rider

canvas rider

Stickman bicycle stunt

This game looks like a hastily drawn pencil art brought to life. I thought the game would be boring when I started to play. But as minutes passed, I realised that I was addicted to this pencil art game. With lots of user created tracks, If you are interested in bicycle stunt, this game is for you.



Fast paced futuristic racing game

HexGL is a futuristic racing game which, according to its creators, was created as a tribute to Wipeout and F-Zero game series. I was surprised at the level of graphics in this game and was pulled in by the fast paced nature of the gameplay. This game is in its beta stage of development and hence only one track and one space craft, the HEX MK1, is available.

Wrapping Up

Do you happen to know an interesting game that is not in this list, or have you developed a HTML 5 game? Do share with us! We’d love to hear from you!

Pssst: Want one more? How about a remake of the old PC game SkiFree, this time in your browser? Yup, here it is!