10 Addictive Online Games for a Quick Break

Spending — or should I say, wasting — time on the internet can be a very simple thing to do. Most of us get to a point when we just want to relax and take our mind off work for a few minutes. When that moment arrives, there are a limited number of things one can do. For me, the moment I am in a similar situation, I would just open my browser and start playing online HTML5/Flash-based games. This is a pleasant way to just take your mind off work and release stress without getting yourself involved in the game for hours and weeks.

I am a big admirer of online games but finding the right one can be a tough task considering the fact that there are literally hundreds of thousands of games online. Even if you open Miniclip or any similar site, you will be shown hundreds of games and your break may come to an end by the time you find a good game.

So here’s my favorite online games right now, with enough stuff to keep everyone happy — and no annoying Facebook logins required.

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Cyclomaniacs 2

Cyclomaniacs 2

Developed by the folks at Kongregate, Cyclomaniacs 2 is an addictive racing game where you take the place of a daring cyclist. It is a sequel of one of the most addictive games I’ve played, Cyclomaniacs. You race against a number of popular characters through a set of levels. There are over a 100 exciting levels, each having its own set of objectives. Every race you complete also unlocks different characters with specialties. Once you complete a level, you get cash which can be used to upgrade your equipment including the speed, acceleration, brakes, boost and other characteristics.

The game works in your browser and saves your session so that you do not lose your upgrades and carry on with the game.

Developer: Kongregate



The insanely popular Popcap game from a few years ago, Bejewled is a web game that is also available on various mobile platforms as well as Facebook. However, you can play the game without logging in with your Facebook account. Your task is pretty simple: all you need to do is to detonate as many gems as you can in a given amount of time by swapping them with one another. The online version is based on HTML5 and consists of two different modes: Classic and Speed.  In the classic mode, you just need to play on with the game and complete different levels. In the speed mode, your task is to detonate as many gems as possible in 60 seconds.

And hey, while you’re at PopCap’s site anyhow, might as well check out their other games for some old goodies.

Developer: PopCap

Gold Miner

Gold Miner

Gold Miner is one game that needs no introduction. Your task is pretty simple: you have to get the stashes of gold from the ground and meet the desired target. Each stone of gold has its value, you have to meet the objective value, buy upgrades such as dynamites to destroy stones that come in your way. During the game, you also get mystery bags that gives you power ups such as strength, dynamites, etc. The game requires flash so make sure you are running the latest version of it.

Developer: GameRival

Plants Vs Zombies

Plants VS Zombies

This is another Popcap marvel that became one of the most popular games on the internet. The game is not just available online but it’s available for both Android and iOS along with an application for Google Chrome. You have the option to play the game online on PopCap’s website. Your task is to protect your house from brain eating zombies with the help of different plants designed to kill them. There are different levels in the game which when completed unlock different plants. You can also buy upgrades from Crazy Dave using the coins you get upon completion of levels. It’s not the new PvZ 2 that’s taken the mobile app world by storm, but it’s still a fun diversion.

Developer: PopCap



Helicopter is a very simple, HTML5-based game in which your task is to control the movement of a helicopter. The game doesn’t require anything more than your mouse clicks. Simply hold the mouse click to keep the helicopter in air and avoid any obstacle that comes in your way. Just see how long you can avoid them.

Developer: Arandomurl

Agent 008 Ball

Agent 8 Ball

If you are in mood to play some 8-ball, try Agent 8 Ball. If you think this is as simple as any other pool game, try it. There is a twist; you need to pot as many balls as you can in the given amount of time. Also, you need to be cautious as there is a bomb on the table, which can explode if you touch it. Now, it’s up to you to find which ball is it.

Play Agent 008 Ball

Infinite Mario Bros

Infinite Mario Bros Online

Mario is one of the first games I can remember playing on my Nintendo. However, this one is not just the same game, its ported (and non-licensed) version redesigned in HTML5. It offers users with a similar game play with a little difference in the graphics. All you need to do is complete different worlds and play one ’till you finish all the levels.

DeveloperRobert Kleffner, ported from the original by Notch

Free Rider 3

Free Rider 3

If you are a racing fan, you’ll simply love this game. All you need to do is control the bicycle on the rough track. It’s all about how you will balance your bicycle on the rough tracks and see how far you can go. (Thank you Chris for the suggestion)

Developer: Kano Games

Gemcraft: Labyrinth

Gemcraft Labyrinth TD

I am a big fan of tower defense games. I still remember I used to try every tower defense map that was released for Warcraft 3, since I was bored with Dota (Defence of the Ancient). If you are looking for a simple yet addictive online tower defense game, try Gemcraft: Labyrinth. The idea behind the game is simple: you just need to protect your magic orb from monsters by building towers. You can unlock more towers as you gain more money during the game to counter powerful enemies in the later stages of the game.

Developer: Game in a bottle

Angry Birds for Chrome

Angry Birds for Chrome

The insanely popular game that you can’t help but see everywhere these days, Angry Birds is the game in which you are going to be on the side of the birds to take revenge from the pigs for stealing the eggs. The game has over 300 different levels for you to play but there is one catch, you have to login with your Google account in order to play extra levels. If you want, you can just download the game as a web application from Chrome Web Store and play the game offline.

Developer: Rovio


There you go folks. Some of the games I play during my break and free time. I was more into strategy gaming like Starcraft and Warcraft 3, but later I had to quit them as I was becoming too addicted to them. As an alternative, I switched to these Flash-based and HTML5 online games. Some are aging, while others are rather fresh — but all are still fun.

Do you think we missed any game from the list? If yes, we’d love to hear about your suggestions in the comments below!