Discover 5 Of The Best Online Booking Apps For Your Business

To remain competitive in the travel and hospitality industry means making the very best of web based apps and cloud technology. A crucial part of this is being able to accept online bookings 24/7 but developing an in-house booking system is both costly and resource intensive. There are, however, some very good reservation and online booking apps that do the hard work for you. Since they are cloud based, there’s zero maintenance at your end, they can be accessed from any device, they’re easy to use, and you can start accepting reservations through your website and social media channels instantly.

These online apps for the hospitality, leisure, and travel industries cover a wide range of uses and industries including for hotels, tours, sightseeing operators, bars, hair salons, restaurants, and even one-time courses or events. They let you get on with improving your business while your customers can book and pay for everything online with a credit card with no need to use the phone or leave the house.

So here are 5 of the best online booking apps that will make your customer scheduling so much easier. These aren’t free online booking apps, and they generally come with a monthly subscription, but most offer free trials.

Front Desk

Front Desk is a mobile client management solution built for personal services businesses and franchises. The web-based platform lets you register clients for appointments and classes, accept payments, and manage your schedule, your clients, and your staff from any device. At the same time, Front Desk provides your clients with ways to see their own schedules, enroll in classes, manage their accounts, and make payments from any device.

By using Front Desk to manage day-to-day business tasks—like signing clients in to classes, collecting monthly payments, and electronically signing waivers—you can free up time to focus on your clients and your passion. This is especially true for businesses with multiple locations. Because Front Desk operates in the cloud, it can be deployed as a management solution at any number of business locations and even for businesses without a fixed location.

Pricing: From $99 per month (free trial available).


Front Desk


MINDBODY is a simple and effective way to organize your day and welcome new clients into your business. MINDBODY allows you to manage new customers and clients and check them into your business to  improve conversion rates and customer satisfaction. When a customer signs-up or purchases one of your services for example, they will be prompted to sign a quick e-waiver, which saves to their client profile immediately.

MINDBODY helps you keep track of both staff and clients and encourages new customers to become regular clients by setting up recurring billing and automated referral programs to encourage them spread the word. There’s also the MINDBODY Connect app which allows users to make bookings and purchases on the move.

Pricing: From $30 per month.




Booker Software

Booker Software is an all-in-one cloud-based business management platform aimed at local service based businesses ranging from spas and salons, yoga and fitness gyms and pet grooming services to swimming pools, tennis lessons and franchises with branches in multiple locations.

Booker Software is suitable for small, mid-sized and large businesses and Booker Software can easily be used by both business owners, staff and customers. Booker Software is relied upon by some huge corporations including Hard Rock Hotel and Hilton Hotels so it’s a highly competent and sophisticated booking software application that can be scaled up easily.

Pricing: From $85 per month.


Booker Software



Checkfront is a centralized booking management which allows you to quickly integrate your inventory into an online booking system. Checkfront gives you a clear overview to manage availability, seasonal rates, packages and special offers in one place.

Checkfront is ideal for managing accommodation, tours, rentals and professional service bookings. It can be integrated with WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Facebook and stand-alone websites which can be integrated into your own site with the Checkfront API.

Checkfront also includes powerful Analytics tools which give you a deeper insight into booking traffic and how effective your marketing campaigns can be.



Pricing: From $49 per month.


TrekkSoft is one of the most popular and accessible web-based booking software for travel and leisure companies which allows you to set up your own personalized, branded website where you can describe your products, publish live inventories, promote your products, offer discounts and accept payments.

TrekkSoft provides easy ways to book via mobile and can be integrated into your website via a free booking widget. There’s also the TrekkSoft Channel manager which helps give your products more visibility to industry distribution partners and you can also sell your tours on other providers’ websites or allow them to sell their tours on your site.

TrekkSoft offers a tour management solution for travel companies to help manage both the backend and front-end operations of your eCommerce store. Through the creation of your own branded website, along with the ability to integrate TrekkSoft onto other websites, TrekkSoft allows you to create a more efficient and more personalized user experience.



Pricing: Various commission-based payment plans

These web-based apps for the travel and hospitality industry can boost your bookings and significantly cut down on costs and improve customer satisfaction. Let us know which web based booking apps you use for your business, and check out our sister site, GetApp, where you can view and compare more online booking and reservation software.