8 Google Wave Resources While You Wait

Hopefully yesterday’s review of Google Wave was helpful to those of you still waiting to get access to this new tool.

If not, here’s a round up of good resources for getting your fill and knowing what to expect when you finally get an invite. Some of these are opinions, some are factual, but I think all are helpful in getting a grasp of what to expect.

If I’m wrong, feel free to tell me in the comments.



At the top of the list is Gina Tripani’s first look at Wave on Lifehacker. I actually read this for the first time earlier today — there are similarities with my review from yesterday. Gina also explains some of the terms behind the application and does a nice job covering the full gamut of features.

Just a note — the screenshots here are from the dev preview and are not necessarily the same as the preview version that has been made available.

Then she knocks it out of the park with a more extensive look in her piece titled, “Google Wave 101”. If you have your invite already, be sure to give this a slow, careful read.


This is a short post that gives a brief overview on why you should look forward to trying this service.


Wave and Fluid

For OS X users, here’s a nice post on setting up Wave in Fluid, complete with a script to create a badge that counts your unread waves. Windows users should be able to use Prism to achieve close to the same result.


This article is a bit dry, but it does give some insight into Google’s long term plans, including a Wave app store where you will be able to purchase extensions for Wave.


Mashable has done a nice job of covering the application in the past couple of weeks and have one of the more extensive lists of resources on Wave. Start here.

Time – Nerd World

This piece is very brief, but Lev Grossman nails some of the concerns with Wave and how it may play out in day to day usage.

The Scobleizer

Love him or hate him, Robert Scoble lists his reasons he thinks Wave is a step back, not a step forward. It’s a little harsh — and we need to remember this is a preview, not a finished product — but he does make some good points.

Google Wave Blogger

Here’s a nice FAQ with some more in-depth technical details — it’s a great list of the more advanced features.

Another Chance to See for Yourself

As Pa Ingalls was fond of saying, “All’s well that ends well.” If you’re still waiting to get your own invite, leave a comment and mention a good Wave-related link that was not included here.

Help me make this list of resources even better and maybe I’ll send you one of my last invites.

(Header image courtesy of nifmus).


There have been a few more good updates submitted for your reading pleasure: