8 Bug Tracking Apps

Any software project is going to need issue and bug tracking. The bigger the project, the more the developers and the larger the userbase, the more critical it gets to keep tabs on what issues are outstanding, what features are in the pipeline, what schedules you are keeping and what is urgent.

Here at Envato we’ve used a number of apps over the years including Trac and PivotalTracker. Our main tool however is Lighthouse which is generally a solid app and scales well for the many projects and many people we have using it. There are some issues with the app, mainly to do with the search tools and some of the UI design, but overall it’s been good to us with our problems with the app being of the “that’s annoying” category, rather than deal breakers.

Here are eight different options for bug tracking that you might like to check out. Most are web services with free trials available to take them for a test drive. If you know of any we’ve missed, leave a comment!

Did we miss any?

Please share any apps you’ve used or heard about in the comments section below.