5 Top Field Service Management Apps To Keep Tabs On Your Team

Your field technicians obviously need to be mobile in order to do their job but managing teams scattered all over the place can be a real conundrum. There’s a fine line between keeping them on a tight leash and knowing what field technicians are doing at any given moment, why certain appointments or meetings weren’t fulfilled, why others are taking so long etc.

Managing offsite employees effectively is therefore definitely tricky but crucial especially for companies in the service industry that rely on customer referrals to generate new business. There are though a growing number of online field service management apps that service and repair-based businesses are implementing to improve the efficiency and reliability of their offsite technicians.

Although features and functionality vary from app to app, most field service management apps offer tools that managers can use to track the location of their employees, shorten billing cycles, cut down on unnecessary paperwork, and deliver a better overall service. Most offer a lot more too such as CRM features, invoicing and integration with accounting apps such as QuickBooks.

Businesses that use field service management apps are able to improve on-time records, deliver better services and generate more referrals from satisfied customers. We’ve picked five of the best online field service software to help you manage your mobile workforce.


Kickserv is more than just a field service management app. It manages everything from online appointments and sales to job tracking, team scheduling and estimate, invoice and online payments. Team members can quickly add their time entries into

Kickserv can be used to either bill customers or track on our payroll reports. Out in the field, the mobile app allows field technicians to automate team status updates to your office, enter schedules, time tracking, charges and notes, easily see your jobs and opportunities from the field and attach notes, documents, and images to a job.

Kickserv’s field service management features are excellent and particularly well suited to any freelancer or team that makes house calls in sectors like HVAC, plumbing, construction, lawncare, maid services, and pest control.

Pricing: From $29 per month.




GoSpotCheck is a web-based field service management software that lets you gather real time retail data from field teams using their mobile devices. This way, processes are streamlined, decision making is accelerated and insight on what is happening in the field is enhanced. The usual emails, notes and spreadsheets are rendered obsolete, as all data is collected securely via the cloud.

The software is ideal for use in a number of different industries ranging from small businesses to large corporations. In general, GoSpotCheck is very beneficial in all cases of field-based sales, field service teams and field merchandisers that require management, coordination and monitoring.

Pricing: On request.




Synchroteam Field Service Management (FSM) helps businesses to more efficiently manage mobile workers, simplify their processes and optimize costs per revenue.

Synchroteam is a dedicated Field Service Management solution (FSM) with Scheduling, Dispatching, Tracking and Reporting capabilities.

In terms of tracking, it uses GPS to show the real-time the location of your workers and customers and makes it easy to drag and drop a job onto the right technician based on his availability, competencies and location.



Pricing: From 28 Euros per month.


Jobber scheduling, invoicing and more for field management gives you instant access to both team status, location and customer information from any computer or mobile device.

To track field members, Jobber supports GPS waypoint tracking so you can see exactly where your team is throughout the day. You can also schedule, assign, and notify your team with just a couple of clicks.

Jobber also supports other useful features such as Quotes, Scheduling, Job tracking, Billing & Invoicing, Electronic Payments and QuickBooks integration.

There’s no free version but you can try Jobber free for 30 days.

Pricing: From $39 per month.




Wintac is an all-in-one business management solution that provides service contractors with the ability to run more organized, efficient, and profitable businesses.

Wintac helps small to medium-size field service and contracting businesses deliver better customer service and eliminate waste. Through the Wintac Web Portal and app, service professionals are able to utilize the types of scheduling, dispatching, service tracking, inventory management, and equipment installation tools that are necessary to become more independent, productive, and informed while working in the field.

Pricing: From $1495 one-time license




These top SaaS field management apps can ensure that your field workers will always remain within the scope of your management wherever they are. Let us know what field service management apps you use, and be sure to check out GetApp’s ranking of the top 25 field service management software.