15 Just-for-Fun, Weird, and Interesting Web Apps

When you get bored online, there’s a million ways to keep yourself distracted. You could head over to your favorite social network, read the news, watch YouTube videos, play online games, and tons of other things. What we don’t usually do is head to web apps designed to be whimsical and entertaining. Turns out, though, there’s quite a few developers that have put together some fascinating web apps that, while not useful, will be sure to keep you entertained, at least for a bit.

Here are 15 websites that I stumbled upon that are weird, funny, or even scary, but they’re all quite interesting. You just might find a new favorite way to distract yourself online!

Ball Droppings


Ball Droppings

Nothing, except a black screen and white balls falling out of emptiness into emptiness. But, that’s not all. Turn your system volume up and draw lines on the black screen blocking the balls and you can see that they bounce with a sound. Keep drawing lines to bounce the balls and you’ve got yourself a sinister sounding concerto. Enjoy the music.

Neon Bible

neon bible

Eerie and expressionless

The Indie Rock band Arcade Fire, wanted to promote their album “Neon Bible” and they used the internet to their advantage in a different weird way.

Visit the website and you will find yourself listening to the title song, staring at Win Butler’s face and hands, with which you can interact during the song. Be warned as this website will pull you in and you will be so engrossed that you won’t realize the hours flying by.



Digital Beatbox

Ever dreamed of having your own music band? Or are you just bored? Then this is a “Must Visit” website for you.

With Incredibox you can create your own beatbox complete with effects, beats, melodies, chorus and vocals. Simply click and drag the role on to the cartoon performers and watch them transform into a funky acapella band.

Once you have had mixed, matched and unmatched the voices and had your fill of this digital beatbox, you can record and share your compositions. This website is available in English and French.

Bank Of Imagination

bank of imagination

Bank of Imagination

Our imagination knows no bounds and often we find ourselves in a dream world chasing the stars.
This website allows you to note and save your imaginations and fancy thoughts. The first thing I felt when I visited this website was peace and calm and I was transported to a dreamy state with soothing music playing in my ears. Move your mouse over the ever moving boxes and listen to the melodious piano. Click ‘em to view the fantasies of other users.

Check out this website during the evening with a cool breeze caressing your face (Oh no, this website has gotten me all philosophical!).

Google Gravity

Thus fell the Mighty Google

This is the question that many of us would never have thought of. What would happen to the Google search engine if the earth stopped spinning? Well, don’t wonder no longer. Visit Google Gravity and watch the mighty Google fall, literally.




Do you wish to blow up stuff without wanting to spend for it? Then FontBomb is for you. Visit the website, click anywhere on the page to plant bombs. It uses a nice bit of javascript code to scatter the content in the website and make it look as if it is exploding.




Asciifi is an ASCII art website where you can convert images that you upload or drag and drop from other websites into ascii art. Specify an image and choose the ASCII variant and you are good to go. It would have been better if this site had an option to save the output.


google cube

Google Map Cube

This is a Google Chrome experiment where in you play a game navigating through a Google map cube whilst you get to know about the features of Google Map.



Interact with five environments

Enter Echogenesis to explore five natural environments and interact with the flora and fauna to a soothing music playing in your headphones. You interaction with the elements of the environment manipulates the background music by changing the tracks, the volume levels and more.

Staggering Beauty

staggering beauty

Hardly beautiful but interesting

No, it is not a beautiful woman having had too much to drink. What you’ll see is a finger shaped balloon like thingy with blinking eyes. Shake the finger man vigorously and watch what happens.

Caution: This website contains flashing images.

Dustbuster Derby


Run! Run! Run!

OMG! A monster sucking machine is behind you! It’s hunting you down and it is getting near! Run! And don’t look back! Be careful to avoid the food the humanoid aliens have left lying around.

Stop ‘em Sheep

shoot 'em

Test your reflexive skills

This is a game that tests your reflexive skills. Five of the ten sheep in your flock plot to escape and you’ve got a tranquilizer gun to stop them. They will try and flee, that you know for sure. But you know not when they will. So you lie in wait hoping to put them to sleep before it is too late.

Bio Bak

bio bak

Weird and enchanting

Bio Bak scores high when it comes to weirdness and fun.  This website will leave you puzzled but will pull you in. Drag the mouse over a seemingly endless piece of artwork and interact with various odd characters.

Rational Keyboard

rational keyboard

Music and mathematics

The Rational Keyboard is essentially a piano with many keys, one for each rational number, and the keys move around and resize based on what sounds good. Anyone who likes music or mathematics, enjoy.

Infinite OZ

infinite oz

Deep down the rabbit hole

Visit this website to to experience the phrase “Tumbling deep down into the rabbit hole”. Get pulled into an endless wormhole, exploring artistic worlds envisioned by nine acclaimed artists such as Philip Straub and Martin Lisec. Exploring the fantastic worlds that replace each other infinitely is a quite relaxing and somewhat hypnotic pastime.

Wrapping Up

That’s all folks! If you know of websites that you’ve found interesting and funny or captivating in some manner, be sure to share them with us!