10 Apps That Work Great With Evernote

Note-taking is a small yet important part of anyone’s digital routine. That’s why apps like Evernote prove extremely useful for anyone who needs to jot down pieces of information at any given time. It lets you quickly jot down text notes or take shots of important documents from any device you’re using, or directly from your web browser.

If you think you’ve used Evernote for everything, thought, think again. The Evernote Trunk is full of apps, devices, notebooks, and more that can help you get the most out of the service. Here’s 10 of our favorite Evernote compatible web apps that showcase the different ways that Evernote can be of further use in any aspect of our lives.


KustomNote lets you create note templates from within an Evernote account. It’s a clever and appealing way to organize note structure and appearance that’s tailored depending on a note’s content. The interface is easy, and you log in to the app using your Evernote account.

Price: Free
Developer: KustomNote
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Evernotify.me lets you tag your Evernote notes so that you get notified by email. This is a pretty simple and straightforward app, and all you have to do is register and tag notes with “evernotify” to get reminders sent straight to your inbox.

Price: Free
Developer: Evernotify
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Mindjet is a cloud-based mind mapping app either for individuals or teams. The app that lets you annotate and tag ideas using Evernote. Save them in a Shared Notebook for easy access and collaboration.

Price: Starts at $180/year
Developer: Mindjet


Calltrunk records phone calls and saves them to Evernote, creating a call log that’s easy to search, share and manage. Upon connecting and syncing with Evernote, the conversation transcripts appear under the All Notes section.

Price: $5/month
Developer: Calltrunk


EchoSign is a digital way to sign any document. It integrates with Evernote, allowing you to access notes from your account and sign them in a few easy steps.

Price: Free; Paid plan starts at $14.95/month
Developer: Adobe
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IFTTT is an acronym for “If This, Then That”. It ties different web apps to work together towards a specified end result. These conditions are called recipes, and web apps are called channels. One of the many channels is Evernote. Whether you want to post specific notes to Twitter, send them to your email, or save them to Dropbox, IFTTT makes it happen.

Price: Free
Developer: IFTTT
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Instapaper is a popular read-later service for news feeds and any web content. With its Evernote integration, you not only get to save articles for reading later with Instapaper, but save them as snippets in your Evernote account.

Price: Free
Developer: Marco Arment


Wappwolf is a free web service that automates certain tasks and saves them to Dropbox or Google Docs. When you connect your Evernote account, any files created and managed by Wappwolf is synced with Evernote so you can access them anywhere you have Evernote installed.

Price: Free
Developer: Wappwolf
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Hojoki is a collaborative platform for managing cloud app information among teams. With Evernote among the many apps it supports, notes can be viewed, shared and modified with members of a Hojoki workspace.

Price: Free
Developer: Hojoki
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Punchfork is a recipe database that lets you save and sync your favorite recipes into your Evernote account. You’ll need to register with a free account and connect Evernote to start saving recipes from Punchfork’s visually appealing interface.

Price: Free
Developer: Punchfork


This is by no means a complete list, but are some of the more popular apps that work with Evernote that we’ve come to know and use regularly. The diversity of these apps leaves no doubt that Evernote can be used for just about anything, making it the preferred app for note-taking. Given the support in integration provided by these other web apps, Evernote is on its way to becoming indispensibly note-worthy.