Learn More From Your Audience with WebEngage

Trying to get valuable advice from your site audience can be a tricky process. You’ll always hear from your users when they encounter a problem on your app or disagree with something you’ve written, but you’ll seldom hear people telling you what you’re doing right. Something as small as your ad placement or text size might be bugging them, but they won’t ever think to tell you, and you’ll have no way of knowing they need help.

WebEngage is an app that can help you actually start the conversations you need with your customers through more detailed contact forms and targeted surveys. It won’t instantly make your site better, but might get you started knowing more of what your audience needs and how you can make your site better. And that is something we all need.


WebEngage is a web app designed to help you integrate surveys and polls directly into your site or web app. Using a variety of different templates, you can create specialized surveys that will cover anything you need to find out from your audience. These short surveys can be targeted at particular users, a helpful way to gain a variety of responses from all types of users. Everyone will have their own perspectives, which can be great for you to see how to improve your app for everyone.

For a detailed survey tool, WebEngage is reasonably priced, too. You can get started for free, then upgrade to pro plans starting at $15/month for more features and survey responses. All of the plans let you integrate it with your site, so you can test that functionality out without having to pay.

Ease of Use

Overall, WebEngage is a very simple application to use. Once you have signed up, you can login to the dashboard to start creating and managing your surveys. You start off by picking your domain, time zone, and language from nineteen different options, then add accounts for any extra users that may need access to your site’s surveys. Then, you can choose whether you want to create feedback question forms or surveys. Once you’ve created your survey, you’ll get an “integration code” to insert the poll directly into your website. The whole process is very quick, and it won’t take much effort to create your surveys.

Integration code used for starting the process!

Likable Features

The Dashboard is designed to help you keep your surveys organized and stay on top of the responses you receive. Every time visitors reply to one of your feedback sheets the answers are immediately emailed to you. Quick response times are key to keeping your website safe and functioning. With this feature you will be able to briskly stay in contact with your users.

The dashboard you will arrive at on your first login

Then, there’s a few extra features which really caught my eye with this application, features that make it stand out from other survey apps:

  • The surveys can be targeted at different types of visitors, meaning every visitor could potentially be asked to complete a different set of questions. These can be sorted into: First time visitors, browser used, platform used, time of the day, and much more. These will surely allow you to collect the best replies.
  • Styling the survey is a feature which allows you to make it more appealing towards a certain audience. You can easily do this by using the custom themes from your dashboard, or you can change the CSS directly to make the forms look just like you want.
  • Multi-Question surveys are a great feature, these allow you to ask a series of questions carrying on from the users previous answers. This allows the developer to gain more knowledge per response. For example, if a user says they’d used a competitor’s app before, you could then ask more questions directly pertaining to that app rather than asking about other apps they might have never used.

Adding Questions Is Easy!


In conclusion, this is a fantastic web app for getting more info from your users, one which will definitely help your webpage advance further in the tech world. Its easy to use features and clean structure makes it a powerful tool for polling your users. Compared to the money you can waste on an advertisement, these simple surveys and feedback sheets let you invest in your existing users.

Those already using your app are the most likely ones to keep paying for it and recommend it to others. So, in my opinion, the cost of this service is minimal, compared to the amount you can gain from utilizing its surveys to their fullest potential.


Create targeted, customized surveys and support forms to gain more information from your audience.