Temper Makes it Simple to Get Feedback From Your Customers

It’s easy to assume your customers love your products and services, or your readers love your site, until you get an angry email telling you how terrible your stuff is. Getting your customers’ ongoing feedback would be far better, but most people simply won’t take the time to fill out a survey or write you an email unless something is really bugging them.

What if there was a way to get feedback quickly without bugging your customers? That’s exactly what Temper is designed for.

The Simplest Polls Ever.

Temper in action, in any browser

Temper in action, in any browser

Temper is the simplest way to get feedback from your customers. If you’ve ever seen the 37signals Happiness Report or gotten support for one of their products and submitted quick feedback with one click on a smiley, it works almost the same way. Your customers see a question and three smiley faces (or rather, a smiling, neutral, and frowning face) to quickly reply — and it can be embedded directly in any page on your site, used as a small popover that’ll only come up when you want, or embedded into any email.

Insanely simple polls

Insanely simple polls

It’s simple for customers, and simple for you to start using. All you’ll have to do is type in a question, pick the type of embed (a floating pane on the bottom of your site, a direct embed into the body of any page you’d like, or an email embed) and size, then optionally choose from a few extra options on how often said poll will show up (a great way to, say, not ask first-time visitors what they think of your site, but also not annoy your faithful visitors every time they visit). Then, you’ve just got to copy a snippet and add it to your site, or get the correct code for your email app (or simply copy the poll directly into your email signature, if you’d like). And that’s it.

Quickly see what your customers think...

Quickly see what your customers think…

Once visitors see your poll, they’ll just have to click the appropriate face to give feedback, and optionally can leave a comment as well. You’ll be able to get a quick preview of your stats right from the dashboard, or see detailed reports and the full comments from your customers on the individual question pages. It’s simple, and works great.

Best of all, you can make as many questions as you want, since accounts are based on how many responses you get, not the number of polls you have. That makes it an easy tool to use to get ongoing feedback from your customers about anything.

...or dig deep into the details

…or dig deep into the details

The Poll Tool that Makes Polls and Surveys Look Silly

There’s tons of ways you could put Temper to use, beyond the most obvious of asking people if they liked what they just read or were pleased with your support. There’s a whole page of ideas on Temper’s site to get you inspired, but really, most things you’d otherwise need a full survey or at least a typical multi-choice poll to find out could be discovered with a simple Temper survey. It’s simple, and forces you to simplify your questions — which in turn almost guarantees that your customers will be more likely to respond since responding is so simple.

If you’ve wanted a simpler way to get feedback from your customers, whether right at the end of a form, directly on your homepage, or perhaps in a support followup email, Temper is the app you’ve got to try. It’s an impressively simple way to get direct feedback.


The simplest way to get feedback from your customers.