Reduce Your Site’s Downtime with ErlyWarn

Store owners, bloggers and business have a vested interest in their websites being up 100% of the time. When Chrome won’t load a page, it ends in frustration and customer’s money going elsewhere.

ErlyWarn allows users to have their website monitored 24/7. At the first hint of trouble they receive an alert so the website can be attended to. Without such a warning system, sleeping soundly could be costing us all valuable visitors. Lets check this out.

Features and Usage

Getting started with ErlyWarn couldn’t be easier. On the homepage all you need is your URL, email address and phone number. From there, a quick stop through Google Checkout costing £1 Sterling and my website was being monitored.

The dashboard has some interesting features. Most of which concern the response time of your website. I scrolled through the identical response times of my apparently extremely stable website (which unfortunately may not be the best test since it’s almost vacant, but still…).

Simple Dashboard and Settings

Simple Dashboard and Settings

It then occurred to me that reviewing ErlyWarn was a bit like reviewing car insurance. You can’t unless you fancy flipping your car and giving them a call. Anyone that used ErlyWarn isn’t going to ‘use’ it the same way you would the other apps we review here on AppStorm. This is kind of a sign-up, pay and forget deal.

The chances of my website being inundated with requests seemed slim so I decided to pull the plug on the patient. Within a couple of minutes the responses stopped updating on the ErlyWarn dashboard rapidly followed by an alert. My phone beeping across the room indicated we had lost cabin pressure.

Uptime Report

Uptime Report

Alerts can be received via multiple avenues. The website will alerts you if you happen to be logged in at the exact time. SMS is probably the easiest and best to set up but may not work with carriers outside of Europe. There are however other methods such as Email and interestingly, push notifications.

As they don’t have an iPhone app they recommend using Boxcar which aggregates push notifications from multiple services so you can manage them in the one place. For techy Android users who aren’t afraid of a little coding, Pushover could be configured to receive alerts from the ErlyWarn API and push them to your Android taskbar in the blink of an eye.

And that was that. Not exactly going to blow your socks off, but it did what it said on the tin.


95% percent of a user’s interaction with ErlyWarn will be checking a text message while lying in bed at 3am. So frankly, the design isn’t a top priority here. Nevertheless they’ve done a good job arranging the dashboard in a neat, minimal manner.

Multiple Sites Organised

Multiple Sites Organised

The screenshot above is of response times for a website; a far cry from the crowded Go Daddy dashboard we’re used to when trying to mend a website. Simple, lean information.

Erly Warning Means Business

If Gordon Gecko hadn’t been locked up in fictional jail right before the dot-com-boom, I’m sure he would have wanted to know if any of his prospective websites were down. And for the lowest price possible.

Aside from the basic £1 per month per site offering, ErlyWarning offers packages to small and medium sized business to monitor their network of websites. First on offer is their Business package which allows 50 sites to be monitored for £40. A discount of 20p per site. The second offering is the Premium package which costs £200 allowing for 300 sites working out as 66p per site. Each package has all the same features: downtime warnings, slow/early warnings, unlimited email alerts, unlimited SMS alerts, unlimited push alerts and the monitoring of multiple sites from your dashboard with uptime report pages.

At the minute all pricing is done in UK pound sterling which is a little dismissive of the massive European and US market. However, anyone can sign up and with a monitoring server in California, websites across the Atlantic receive the same attention as European ones.


ErlyWarn is cool application that deserves more attention than it’s getting. That said, I think the development team need to step things up a notch by bringing out mobile applications so we can truly take site monitoring on the road.

I can’t recommend this to anyone with personal blogs or sites, but for anyone with a site where downtime would translate into lost revenue, it’d seem almost foolish not to give an 21st century air raid siren like ErlyWarn a go. It’s way cheaper than competitors like Pingdom (though it should be mentioned that Pingdom offers basic monitoring for 1 site for free, something worth checking out for users with one smaller site or blog), and has all the features you need to know if your site really needs your attention.


ErlyWarn is a warning system which lets you know when your website is down. Multiple sites can be monitored at a time. If one goes down, or is responding sluggishly, the ErlyWarn sends you a text, email or push notification so you can fix the problem.

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