Prioritise Specific Customers With Convertable

Running a website which is making money is hard. While trying to manage products, prices and profit you also need to look at specific orders which are going to be most beneficial towards your business’ revenue. However, normal forms seem to only allow customers to tell you small amounts of information.

Expanding this form further and giving customers the ability to personalize their needs to you would be something which is highly beneficial. This in turn would allow you to prioritize these certain customers and maximize your profit. Convertable is a web app which achieves this difficult task in a simple and reasonably priced package.

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How Does Convertable Work?

Forms are often weak, we all know this. All you’ll find out as a seller is where the person found you and their contact details. This leaves you, the seller, in a bind. Which customers should you choose to serve first? And you can’t tell, meaning you’ll need to take risks and sometimes not follow the most effective method.

The opening page for Convertable.

What Convertable does give you more data in this situation. By asking users targeted and specific questions you’ll be able to find out their needs from the onset and better manage your time.

Setting Up Forms

Once you’ve signed up for Convertable, which is a simple task, your next step shall be making the actual form. Going to Form Builder at the top of your display will take you to the creator. Firstly, you’ll be presented with a template which has some basic fields which you may want to keep or delete.

On the left hand side of the screen there is a box which has six different types of fields which you can add to the form. The first is “Text Field” this simply adds a one line box which customers could use to put names or contact details. Next is “Text Area” this creates a bigger box and is suited to big answers which explain to you the customers specific needs. “Select Box” allows you to make options which people use to pick between different answers on a drop down menu. The last two fields are “Radio Buttons” and “Checkboxes”, both of these give you the chance to click on the answers which fit your circumstances.

Creating forms is an easy task.

All of these can be moved around and edited to your own personal preference. Once you’ve perfected everything you can click the big green button saying “Save And Get Form Code.” Clicking this gives you a tracking script and form code. Basic HTML skills can quickly transfer this into a physical form on your page.

Managing Forms

Now you’ve created your forms you just need to view the replies now. For this you have a dashboard design which gives you helpful figures such as: total leads and lead revenue. This is also shown in helpful graphs — making the process easier yet again. You also have a list of all your recent leads and have the option to view and evaluate these. From this stage the power is in your hands and you have all the information you could ever wish for.

The dashboard displaying key information.

Simplicity Is Key

With apps at the top of their field we expect that everything should be simple and easy to understand. And when coding and building your website you don’t want the extra strain of inputting advanced forms to receive the best leads you can achieve. However, not only does Convertable stop the tireless effort of building these forms, but also makes the whole process so simple.

Displaying everything you need, the Convertable dashboard is perfect.

This is evident from the way the developers have integrated simple text boxes and navigation tools. Basically this is a program anyone could use. By quickly designing how you want users to respond you can increase your market strategy in an easy to manage way. Even after creating the form all you need to do is copy and paste the code — a process which isn’t going to challenge the majority of you. And if that task is a challenge for your skills then the FAQ’s give you an easy-to-follow tutorial.


In the past with programs of this variety I’ve experienced problems with developers who haven’t held onto your data. Trying to sell them on to make some extra money in the process. Convertable, will never do anything anything with your data, allowing you to keep 100% of it at all times. Protecting against spammers who would love to annoy your budding customers.

Key features of Convertable.

Convertable also prides itself on the fact that all of its data is backed up on a “state-of-the-art server.” In turn this means that your data is definitely not going anywhere but stored on the system. The web can be a dangerous place for sellers and security is always a major concern, but, not for Convertable.


To set up an account for Convertable its free. This is because the program is actually still in its BETA phase which means at the moment everything you can do and achieve is absolutely cost free — making this tool even more desirable.

Our beta users will never pay to use Convertable. Sometime in the future, we will charge a very reasonable fee for the use of the system.

From this information I assume that if you sign up to use Convertable during the testing phase you will never need to pay. Unluckily, if you sign up after this period is finished you may have to pay a fee. If this service sounds useful to you then you really shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

Wrap Up

All in all, I love Convertable. This is a free tool which I will highly consider using in the future. With an easy to understand concept which provides effective results this is the perfect tool for all web sellers!

How do you organize your forms? Could Convertable be for you?


Convertable is free lead management tool which allows you to make forms. Simply improving the workflow of your website.