Weebly: Create Your Own Customized Website in Minutes

At this time of age, web presence is really critical for your business. Whether you are a florist or running a pet store, nothing sets your apart more than a beautifully crafted website. You’ll be able to reach customers far outside of your normal customer base, and better engage your existing customers.

But web development involves a steep learning curve, and could easily scare beginners away. You can hire a professional developer to do the chores, but that can be prohibitively expensive for small businesses. Is there any simple yet inexpensive way that makes it easy? That’s exactly where Weebly comes in.

What is Weebly

Weebly is a California based web app that helps people put their information online quickly with their own unique website. Backed by YCombinator, it has even been listed as one of 50 best websites by Time Magazine. Since then, Weebly has continued to improve their service and add features and more modern designs. Most recently, they released a Weebly iPhone app that lets you create full websites on the go right from your phone.

Weebly comes in 3 flavors: a regular Weebly.com account, a designer platform to create a white-labled CMS for your clients, and a platform for education. You don’t need any technical knowledge whatsoever to create a webpage in Weebly, or so they claim. It’s not designed as much for the designers and coders of the world that know HTML5 and CSS3 inside and out, but is more aimed at the rest of us, making it easier to launch a site even if you don’t know the first thing about web development. Let’s take it for a spin and see how it fares up in the real world.

Getting started

Weebly offers a flexible toolkit to set up your business online quickly and efficiently. It allows you to create webpages or even setup a blog in a jiffy using prebuilt templates. Then, with their powerful WYSIWYG editor and drag-and-drop page elements, you can tweak the theme to make it your own and give your site your own flair easier than ever. Weebly offers a ton of features to help make your site the way you want, so let’s look at all the things you could add to your site.


Choose your style

Weebly makes it so easy to manage your Multimedia content. It allows you to create a custom Gallery or a Slide show with apparent ease. Interestingly their slide show comes with various styles and you can pick anything you like. Another interesting feature, especially for online stores, is the YouTube video embedder and Google Maps integration.


Weebly has an extensive array of page templates for your to choose from. It’s really easy to change from one theme to another and works like a charm. If you’re looking for a custom design, Weebly even offers a professional design service, but it’ll cost you.

Revenue sharing

One of the best parts of Weebly is their revenue sharing program. You setup Google Adsense in your webpage and get 50% of the revenue generated out of it. But the catch is that even paid accounts have to share their ad revenue.

Smartphone support

Another feature which I love in Weebly is that all their pages are optimized for smartphone browsers. Even if your customers are searching for your site on the go, they’ll still be able to see all of your site’s content. With their new iPhone app, you can now manage your website on the go or even create a new site right from your phone.



Stats for you

SEO is essential for any website’s success. Weebly allows you to enter your page’s keywords, metadata and it manages the user data. You can also view the unique page visits statistics from the dashboard. One thing to note is, Weebly allows you to add your Google Analytics code and manage your visitor information. This helps you in analyzing your visitor trends and improving your service.



Just drag me and drop

Weebly, true to its tagline, is really simple to use. There is no learning curve involved and just takes minutes to set up a fully fledged website. With the drag and drop interface, you can add any component into your page with ease. Once you’re done with all your changes, it just takes a click to publish your content online.

Pricing & Support

Weebly is absolutely free, no strings attached. But if you need more features, you can always upgrade to their Pro plan. At under $3/mo, I’d say it’s a steal.

Go Pro

Support is available in abundance in this wonderful community and they’ve a wonderful Knowledge base which should resolve most of your issues.

Wrapping up

I took the application for a ride to find out what it’s missing and to my surprise I didn’t find any. It has everything that I could think off and that’s not something I get to say often. Overall, I’m really impressed with the service offered at Weebly.

Sure, designers and developers will never take a second look at it, but it’s a service that deserves praise. It has opened up the doors of the web to all and has helped millions of people to set up their online presence. I’d strongly recommend you to try it out if you’re looking for a simple way to get your business website started without having to learn anything about running a website.


Weebly helps you create your website easily without any technical knowledge.