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Face it: we all hate writing up a new résumé. Whether you’ve had 2.5 million different jobs or have stayed in the same position for the past 45 years, it’s somehow incredibly frustrating to put down your skills and experience on a piece of paper and get it looking halfway decent. Perhaps it’s because we’re shy to list what we’ve done, or we’re worried about what potential employers will think. Either way, writing a résumé ranks up there with filing taxes in the list of the world’s most hated jobs.

It doesn’t have to be that hard, though. is a brand new web app that lets you create a nicely designed résumé in seconds. In fact, if you’ve already got a filled-out LinkedIn profile, you might be able to get a polished résumé without doing anything more than signing in. In today’s economy, it’s always good to have a current résumé, and now there’s a way to do it without wasting your afternoon.

Yet Again, Less is More

At their core, résumés should be simple to create. All you need to do is list your work experience, skills, and education, perhaps customizing it for specific employers. But it’s easy to spend hours tweaking your design and fretting over what to include. gives you an easy way to create a full-featured résumé online, where you can share it directly or print it out to give to potential employers. Crazy-simple online resumes

After a simple signup process, you’ll be sent right to the résumé form without needing to activate your account or sign in. Your email will automatically be added from your registration, so all you’ll need to do is enter your name, contact info, opening statement, experience, and education. You can skip any field you don’t want to include, and the final résumé will simply rearrange the content without leaving a blank space.

Writing a résumé is as simple as filling out a quick form

Chances are you’ve had more than one job, or would like to include some extra education or experience you’ve had. No problem at all. Just click the add company or add institution to add a new employer or college, or click add position or add degree to add extra things you did at those organizations. Additionally, if you want to add extra descriptions, you can simply hit return on any bullet field to add an extra line. This gives you the flexibility to show your career without letting you ruin the résumé’s layout.

Add extra positions, employers, degrees, and more

Once you’re finished, just click the Save link on the bottom, and you’ll have a complete résumé ready to share with the world. You can just copy the link and send it in emails to potential employers, share it on your favorite social networks, or do anything else you want with it. In fact, if you still need a traditional printed or PDF résumé, will work too. Just print the résumé web page or save it as a PDF, and it’ll keep the same nice layout of the main white paper part of the page without anything extra.

A finished résumé

Stalking Your Job Prospects lets you create as many résumés as you need. Just click the link on the top left of the page to go to your account dashboard. Here you’ll see all of your résumés listed in the order they were created. You can view their view stats, rename or edit the résumé, or clone it to use the base data again in a new, updated résumé. Best of all, if you already have a filled out LinkedIn profile, you can import your data right into a new résumé in seconds, and everything comes in just as you would expect.

Create more résumés, even from your LinkedIn profile

The best feature other than the simple interface is the default tracking tools. You can see all of your résumé’s visits on the Track page, including the relative time of the visit and where your visitor came from. Or, if you’d like to make sure that a potential employer sees your resume, you can create a special tracker link to share with them. This link will show its tracks separately, so you can perhaps see as your résumé bounces around the company’s locations.

See how many visits your résumé has gotten ... and where your visitors came from

Conclusion is one app that speaks for itself. It lets you create a nicely designed résumé in seconds, and is so easy to use that it’s almost impossible to mess up. Even if you still need to write an introduction letter or recommendations list separately, it’s nice to get the main résumé designed without any hassle. If you need to dust off your résumé, or are ready to create a new one, this is a great app to try out that just might save you some handwringing over the correct stuff to include and how to format it.


The simplest way to make a clean, elegant résumé, either by filling out a quick form or importing your LinkedIn profile. It's that simple.