Turn Your Backyard Into a Garden Like a Pro With SmartGardener

Nothing beats fresh herbs and vegetables in your heart warming soups during fall or colder winter months. And who doesn’t like making a garden fresh salad during the blistering summer? No matter what time of the year it is, a little sunshine and time away from your screen can always do you good.

If you have a backyard, why not turn it into your own vegetable and herb garden? No gardening experience? No problem. Smart Gardener tells you how to pick the right season to grow your crops, design your garden layout, plant your seeds, and the right garden care for your crops. No matter whether you’re a master gardener who wants to improve your garden, or a novice gardener who is starting his first garden, Smart Gardener will tell you everything you need to know about gardening.

Choosing the Right Season

Crops need to have time to mature before cold weather and short days might curtail their growth. However, if you plant too early, the young plants might wilt in the heat or mature too early to hold well into the winter. That’s why you have to tell Smart Gardener when you will start your garden. With this information, Smart Gardener will work out a list of suitable crops for your garden.

Name your garden and choose what season it's for

Some crops taste better after frosty days, but warm season crops won’t survive the winter. So how do you know when to plant the right crops ? The key factor that should guide your decisions is your average last spring frost date. Smart Gardener estimates these dates from the moment you give it your zip code. If you have any doubts on the frost dates  in your profile, websites like the National Climatic Data Center can be your best bet.

Find estimated frost dates automatically

Smart Gardener will help you plan how many seeds you should plant in your garden based on your household’s consumption. Count the number of adults and kids in your household, and enter this information into Smart Gardener.

No idea how much to plant? No problem!

Designing the Right Layout

One of the most important aspect of starting a garden is its layout. Each plant requires different space. Correct spacing allows each plant to get its share of sunshine, water, and soil nutrients. If you plant seedlings too close to each other, the vegetables will not grow as large as they normally would.

Designing a good layout with Smart Gardener takes no more than a few clicks of your mouse. Orienting plant beds on a north-south axis assures that plant-laden trellises do not block the sun from lower-growing plants as it moves from East to West across the yard during the day.

Learn how to setup your garden with expert tips

There are three kinds of layouts in Smart Gardener: in ground beds, raise beds, and container shapes. Each layout has its own purpose. Raised beds improve soil drainage and let you plant earlier in the spring. If you lack the space for a garden, consider raising vegetables in containers. You can grow any vegetable in a container with enough preparation and care.

Click each tab, and maximize your garden area by combining these three layouts. You can arrange the layout by moving, or rotating the garden objects. 5 minutes is all it takes to create the perfect garden layout.

Design your garden graphically

Planting Your Seeds

Some crops thrive in cold weather, while others grow well when it’s warmer. Good crops in the fall and winter gardens include salad greens, cabbage, broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts, carrots, leeks, beets, turnips, scallions, parsley, cilantro, spinach, and parsnip. Choose varieties that are suited to fall and winter harvest. Some varieties are designated specifically for fall planting, while others perform well only in the spring; some plants are more productive than others.

If you’re having a hard time picking the right plant, Smart Gardener will do it for you.  Smart Gardener create a profile of your growing season,  tells you the right plants for your garden, and what to do to grow them. Click on any colour on the calendar, and you’ll get a list of suitable plants for your that period. Once you have picked your plants, Smart Gardener automatically creates a shopping list for your garden. They partner with local garden suppliers, and checks what’s available in their store.

Find recommended plants for your area

Seeds planted too deeply take longer to come up, if they come up at all. Also, weeds may grow up first and crowd out vegetable plant. Conversely, shallow seeds may wash away or dry out before they sprout. Does this sound too complicated ? Don’t worry. Smart Gardener will tell  you how to plant your seeds.  Click the plan menu, and open its Smart Garden Plan.

From the moment you pick your seeds, Smart Gardener keep tracks of your to-do, so you don’t have to. You can view your to-dos at a glance from the grow menu. You will receive a weekly reminder via email, or mobile reminders.

GTD with gardening? You bet.

Every good gardener should keep a journal, and Smart Gardener do that for you.  You can check their journal from the grow menu. Their interactive journal automatically document your progress so that you can use it for this season, or from year to year. If you want to add your own notes, or photos, there is an easy way to do that too. Click add, and you can add your own note for each plant.

Keep track of what you've done in your garden

Garden Care

You’ve planted your seeds, and they are beginning to grow. But you’re work is far from done. Now, it’s time for the watering, staking, mulching and overall general garden care to begin.  Open the gardening guide menu, and read it from the first section all the way down to the glossary. This guide give you great advice, and ensure that your garden is a huge success through out the entire growing season.

It's time to head back to school

The guide is laid out like an eBook, complete with images and links to other parts of the site. While reading about soil, water, and more might not be most people’s idea of a fun afternoon, you’ll be sure to grow a better garden if you’re more informed about what you need to do. Plus, it’s written nice enough that most people will be able to learn something new from it.

...just don't touch your mouse with muddy hands...

Closing Thoughts

Smart Gardener provides a smart custom garden with easy online tool to plan, grow, and harvest your plants. It makes gardening a simple and fun activity.  From the garden to the table, Smart Gardener simply helps you grow great food. Best of all, it’s a web app that can help you make the most of your time away from the screen. You just might find that you’d make a better gardener than a coder!


Smart Gardener combines your selected plants, garden layout, and household size with complex planting variables, to create a Smart Garden Plan just for you.