Turn Reddit into Columns Like Tweetdeck with Reditr for Chrome

Reditr is hands-down the best Reddit client you will have seen, bar none. That is a pretty big statement to make right at the top of the review, but honestly, there is simply no competition to this one.

A few years ago, Twitter’s constant barrage of information got too much for most of us to handle. We needed a client that could help us make sense of it all, one that could sort the chaos and cut through the clutter. If you have used Tweetdeck, you know how much more awesome Twitter is with it.

Reditr is Tweetdeck for Reddit. If Reddit is overwhelming, This free app for Google Chrome simplifies the social network with features which, once you see and use them, you wonder how you ever used Reddit without them.

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It's a Tweetdeck for your Reddit!

It’s a Tweetdeck for your Reddit!

Accounts & Sync

Some of us have multiple accounts for Reddit. For example, I use three — one’s an official account for a brand, one’s my personal account, and one’s my ‘clean’ account with my real name. Reditr lets you add all those accounts and thus get the best of all worlds from one interface, never having to sign out and sign back in. And yes, it’s all synced with your official account on Reddit’s servers.

The user account also lets you quickly see the last few posts or comments from that account, presented as a drop-down column. You can filter this column to quickly find anything you are looking for.

One Redtir To Rule Them All, One Redtir To Find Them

One Redtir To Rule Them All, One Redtir To Find Them

And of course, you can manage messages and friends for all your accounts.


I find it impossible to keep up with the many subreddits I follow, especially given Reddit’s clunky web interface. Reditr turns subreddits into individual columns, stacked next to each other with a steady stream of the latest posts in each. It’s simple, it’s elegant and it’s what a Reddit power user so desperately needs.

Customization To The Max!

Customization To The Max!

There is no limit on how many columns you can set up. In fact, Reditr also allows you to group different subreddits into one column. For example, I follow the subreddits r/Androidgaming, r/Android, r/Androidapps and r/Androiddev — all to keep up with the latest happenings in the world of Android. With Reditr, I can choose to create a new column and add all those subreddits into it and rename it to ‘Android’, thus saving me from the trouble of checking each subreddit individually.

The columns can be anything you want — subreddits, users, domains, searches, favourites, friends, comments, etc. While adding these subreddits, Reditr will often give you suggestions. For example, typing ‘Android’ in the search box of the ‘Add Column’ field also showed me a few new Android-related subreddits that I wasn’t following before. I added them, and then through the column, I could subscribe to them.

There are plenty of options to customize the columns. You can choose to refresh each individual column at any point, and you can also adjust individual width to make it wider or narrower.

Now this is how image-browsing on Reddit should work

Now this is how image-browsing on Reddit should work

There’s also a fun mode called ‘Gallery’, which is great to use for subreddits like r/pics. It will take all the images shared in a subreddit and turn it into a tiled thumbnail gallery with a dark background, overlaying it over the default column view. Click any image to open it in a larger view, with the rest of the images from the gallery appearing as a marquee below it.

Viewing & Replying

Perhaps the best part about Reditr is that you never have to open any post/thread to see its contents. If the post looks interesting, just hover your pointer over it for a second. Reditr will issue a bubble pop-out with the full original post, with images. There’s also a similar ‘Quick Reply’ option to let you comment on any thread through a pop-out.


The Preview pane shows you what you need without a click

However, to see the comments, you still need to click on the item. And I quite like how it’s formatted too. The column the thread belongs to stays on the left as a sidebar, while the post shows in its entirety, with all of the user comments below it. You can upvote/downvote, save it, copy it, open it in Reddit, share on Facebook/Twitter/Google+, report the post… all the things you could or would want to do. Oh yeah, and there are light and dark themes available for Redtir too.


It don’t matter if it’s dark or light, yow!

And of course, you can comment. I absolutely love the commenting system in Reditr. You no longer need to know Reddit’s formatting shortcuts for text or anything else. It’s a simple text box with the formatting options for bold, italics, strikethrough, quote, list, link, code and superscript, along with an option for ‘Promote Reditr’ that inserts a Reditr link. Even with that, Reditr doesn’t try to impose it on you or slyly push it in like those ‘Sent via my iPhone’ messages. It’s your choice entirely. And at any point while typing, you can see what the end result will look like through a preview window, that updates in real-time.

Also, since Reditr allows for multiple accounts, you can choose which account to send the message from.

Easy to reply, easy to compose

Easy to reply, easy to compose

Creating a new post is a similar system, complete with the option to insert images or videos.

More Where That Came From

These are only some of the salient features you will get in Reditr. There’s a lot more under the hood, and if you spend some time playing around with the Settings, you will find it all. Some of my other favourites include desktop notifications and filters.

All the settings you might need to tweak

All the settings you might need to tweak

There is only one downside to Reditr: ads displayed as posts in columns. But really, for a free app with so many awesome features, that’s not something you should be complaining about.

There is no summary needed for Reditr. Dump Reddit or whichever other client you are using right now and switch to Reditr. There is nothing not to like.


Redtir is a Chrome app for Reddit with a column-based interface, multiple account support, and loads of other features for power users, as well as plenty of points for new users.