Share and Find Cool Products with Mine

One of the things that I absolutely love about tech gadgets and products is that there so many cool things that are out there. So many people have amazing imaginations to make the most simple, yet innovative things for every day life. But, with the rapid pace of life and everything else that gets in the way, how can we stay on top of all of this “awesomeness?”

That is where Mine, a web app that lets you showcase the cool stuff that you buy with others, can really come in handy. We have so many different sites at our disposal to share things, mainly Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and a handful of others, but Mine took snippets of these, and came up with its own way to share things. Let me show you around and you can see what I am talking about.

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Getting Started

When you first sign up to use Mine, you need to provide them with your email address because they use it to scan through to see things that you have purchased. With that in mind, you are going to want to provide them with an address that you mainly use for making purchases. I wish they had an option where you could add more than one email address or possibly change your original one if for some reason you switch to another one.

Adding your email so that Mine can search for purchases.

Adding your email so that Mine can search for purchases.

Mine takes a little while to scan through your email to see what you have bought and then it shows you all the items you have purchased. From there you select the things that you want to show on the app itself. Once you are done with this, your items get brought over and you now are able to show others the cool things that you have bought. You also have the option to manually add an item by typing in the information or the url of where you bought it from.

Your purchases on Mine.

Your purchases on Mine.

Social Interaction

If just showing off the things you purchase was the main point, then this app would be boring and useless, but luckily there is more to it than that. One of the main things you can do is follow other people that are using Mine to see what they are purchasing and you can interact with them around the things they bought. For example, there was someone in my feed that I follow that bought something that I had been looking at for a while so I was able to add a comment to his item and ask him for more information about how he liked it.

This is a great way to get user feedback on things that you are looking to buy, but unsure about whether you should get it or not.

Looking at what other people bought.

Looking at what other people bought.

There are a couple of other ways to interact in which you can like an item from someone you follow and you can also write a description for each of your items as to why you chose to put it on Mine. By doing this, it adds great value to help others who are interested in purchasing that product. Then when you do want to buy something, you can just click on the link for an item and it will take you to exactly where that person bought it from.

Adding a description to your purchase.

Adding a description to your purchase.

Has a Place at the Table

As I had mentioned earlier, there are a wide range of sharing apps all over the internet and on our smartphones. So why would Mine be any different? I personally think it has two things going for them. One, they focus on things you actually bought and that is it. A lot of other sharing sites focus on a much wider array of things, anything from saving and sharing web pages to crafts, and other things. When it comes to Mine, I know when I go there, I am going there to see what people actually bought and what they have to say about the product.

Secondly, with Mine, I know that I can see all kinds of things that people buy and it is not just locked into one type of product. When I look at my feed, I see iOS apps, tech products, movies, books, etc, it is not just a certain item that can be shared there. Basically, you are sharing what you feel are your best purchases. I love that I can interact with others who have bought the product and used it. I can ask them why they felt they liked the product enough to put it up on Mine. I don’t have to go to five different websites to check out reviews of things that pertain to different categories.

Final Thoughts

I am excited to see where Mine goes from here as it starts to build its network of people. As with all web apps like this, it is as successful as the people who use it. The more people that sign up and actually use the site, the better it will become. I think if they can add a few more social options as well as other features to get people to interact and get quality feedback, I can see Mine being a solid app for a long time.

The service is free to use at the moment, and I am not sure if they have any plans to charge for it once they come out. I would highly suggest you go over to Mine and sign up for an account and start adding the things that you bought that you really liked. I would love to see more people on there so I can see all kinds of cool things that people like.


Share the cool things you bought and interact with other people about what they purchased with Mine.