Fancy: A New Way To Find Cool Fashion And Gadgets

I’ll come right out and admit it: I’m a sucker for good design. And while there are many sites which allow you to browse cool and well designed products, sites like Pinterest rarely actually link you to a place where you can purchase said product. This leaves me wondering whether or not the device actually exists and, if it does, it’s almost impossible to find the product.

However, I recently came across Fancy, a social network and eCommerce hybrid website for well designed products. It’s Pinterest meets eCommerce, in the best of ways. Let’s take a look.

What Is Fancy?

Like I said before, Fancy is a social network, eCommerce hybrid. The service allows users to post cool products to the service along with links to purchase them. However, Fancy also adds their own catalog of products to the mix. These products can be purchased directly through Fancy. However, Fancy mixes these products together and doesn’t skew search results to display products sold by them first. It all depends on your search query.

When you first log into Fancy, you’ll be greeted with the homepage. Fancy’s homepage is actually pretty neat. It features an endless scrolling page of products which have been Fancy’d the most in the recent past. This is a cool place to look if you’re just browsing for interesting products to look at or even write about. The rest of the website is designed well, so searching for products and adding products to your Fancy list can be done with ease.

Fancy's homepage.

Fancy’s homepage shows off new and interesting products.

Searching for products on Fancy’s website is also simple. Just hit the search bar on the home page and you’ll be able to search through tons of relevant products, gadgets and accessories. When searching, you don’t have to worry about clicking to the next page of products as Fancy features endless scrolling on its search pages as well. This is something I’ve really come to appreciate when browsing Fancy for an extended period of time.

If you would prefer to search Fancy via browsing through categories, you can do that as well. Just hover over the ‘browse’ button at the top of any Fancy page. When you do this, you’ll be able to browse Fancy using a variety of categories ranging from Gadgets to Womens’ clothing. I usually find myself browsing Fancy via these categories because it allows me to find new gadgets and clothing that I’ve never heard of.

When you want to Fancy a product, just hover over its image and press the large ‘Fancy’ button that appears. When you do this, you’ll be prompted to organize the Fancy’d item into a list. The service comes with a few standard lists, though you can make your own for more precise sorting.

Fancy’s Social Aspect

Fancy's Social Network

Fancy gives every user a profile page that shows recent activity and Fancy’d products.

Fancy isn’t just a website which you can use to browse through new gadgets, it’s also a place to interact with other Fancy users. When you sign up for Fancy, a profile is automatically created for you. You can use this profile to comment on gadgets and to add products to your ‘Fancy’ list.

Your Fancy account also comes with a Fancy profile which shows off all of the stuff which you’ve ‘Fancy’d’. You can also view your ‘high score’ from your profile which shows off how popular your Fancy submissions are. Your rank gets higher as your added products get more popular. Finally, if you look towards the bottom righthand side of your Fancy profile you’ll notice that your page has a real-time ticker of all of your actions on the website–from purchases to Fancy’d products.

Fancy also does a decent job of integrating with other social networks. You can set your Fancy account to automatically tweet or post to Facebook new products that you’ve Fancy’d. When linking social networks to your Fancy account, they’ll also appear on your Fancy profile under your name.

Purchasing Products Via Fancy

Shopping with Fancy

Products shipped and sold by Fancy will feature a bright green “Add to Cart” button to the right of the product.

Like I stated before, Fancy is more than just a social network–it’s a store. Some products listed on the store are readily available for purchase directly from Fancy. These products are mixed in with the rest of the user submitted products on Fancy, giving browsers a seamless experience. Products shipped and sold by Fancy can be paid for directly through the website, while products sold by third-parties are available for purchase via the “Buy It” button located towards the upper right-hand corner of any product page. When you click on this button, you will be directed to the seller’s website.

Gifts is where Fancy’s shopping function really shines. Any product shipped by Fancy can easily be sent as a gift by simply checking the gift option at checkout. However, Fancy has a couple of added gifting capabilities up its sleeves. The first of these is Group Gifting. This allows groups of friends to pool money together to purchase a gift for a friend. The service works a lot like Kickstarter as individuals can contribute as much or as little as they like to the gift fund. Contributions are only charged to your credit or debit card if funding is successful. To start a group gift, just hit the “Organize Group Gift” button located under the “Add to Cart” button on any product sold by Fancy.

Fancy also offers a product called the Fancy Box. These boxes are sent out monthly and feature a box of random things sold by Fancy. The boxes are available in different categories that include Gadgets, Media and Pets amongst others. Fancy Boxes sell for $39, though they reportedly include more than $39 worth of products with each box.


To me, Fancy is the perfect combination of social networking, product finding and online shopping in one convenient package.  It provides an original way to give gifts as well as purchase unique items for yourself. Fancy is also perfect for those times when you just want to kick back and look at well-designed products. The fact that you can share these products within the app makes Fancy feel like a very well-rounded and polished service.

All-in-all, I highly recommend Fancy to anyone that likes browsing for new gadgets and clothing.


Fancy is a social network and online store where you can find well designed products.