Everyme: A Simpler Kind of Social Network

As we all know, social networking has been the buzz word for the past few years with Facebook and Twitter leading the way. But, lately, I have started to see a bigger push to go away from such a public space. As much as I love to use these social networks, there are times when I just want to share something with a few people, and not necessarily all 500 friends that I have on Facebook. There are other times when I want to message a group of people and I don’t want to bother using any of my social networking tools to do that. Does anyone else feel this way?

Everyme is one of those apps that understands this dilemma and wants to help you out in this area. Yes, it is another social network, so to speak, but it cuts out a lot of the clutter and noise. It gives you the opportunity to communicate with people on a smaller scale. Let me show you more about what I am talking about.

Setting It Up

When you first start to use Everyme, the first thing you are going to want to do is set up what is called your Circles. This is the name of the group that you are creating. Then, you are going to want to add people to the group. People can be added by either their phone number or their email address. They will either get a text message or an email asking them if they want to join the group, but they have the option of joining it or not. Regardless of whether they join or not, they are still a part of the group unless they decide to opt-out.

Creating a New Circle

Creating a New Circle

Messaging Group Members

Once you are done setting up your group, you can now start to send them messages. When you are writing them, you can have just text, or you can also add images. Once your message has been sent, all the group members get either an email or text message, depending on how you invited them into the group. The last major feature with messaging is that there is a small social component to it where you can “like” someone’s post and you can also comment on one as well.

Interaction within Everyme

Interaction within Everyme

The one nice thing about Everyme is that people can choose to respond to your messages, but still not register for Everyme. For example, I signed up a test account using my work email address. When I sent a message to the group, I got an email on my work account and it gave me the options comment on the message by replying with an email. I really like that this feature was put in there because it gives people the chance to still be a part of the group if they want, but they don’t necessarily have to go through the process of signing up and feeling like they need to join one more social network. The same goes for those people that you have invited by phone number. They will get a text message with your message and they can choose to respond through text if they want to. People always have the option of either joining the group and taking advantage of other Everyme features or they can opt out all together very easily by unsubscribing to the circle.

Respond through email instead of signing up

Respond through email instead of signing up

Good For Some

The more I started to use Everyme, the more I realized that this app could work for some groups of people, and could not work for others. I personally think it is great for people that want to share and collaborate with a small group of people. I see this working in the classroom as a different way for teachers to communicate with students. I also see this working in a small workplace where group messaging is part of the workflow. It can also work for family and close friend groups that want to be able to communicate with each other.

The one thing that limits this app from being able to be used on a bigger scale is that you can only send a message to everyone in the whole group. While that is okay, it would be nice to have the option to maybe send a private message to someone in the group. It would also be nice to see the ability to upload not only pictures, but maybe documents or other types of media as well. Adding these two features would definitely enhance the scope of people that would be able to use the app.

Final Thoughts

While Everyme is not for everyone, it definitely fills a need for those that are tired of the big social networks. I personally see Everyme being more attractive to older people who don’t necessarily want to use Facebook or Twitter because they are too overwhelming. Everyme provides the user with minimal set up and very easy to use interface. It takes out a lot of the clutter and creates an atmosphere where all you have to worry about is what to share with people.

If you are an iPhone user, go and check out their app on iTunes. The app is free to use on both platforms. I highly suggest those of you that are looking for a simpler way to connect with a group of people to check out Everyme.


A social network where you can chat with a small group of people while taking out all of the clutter of the bigger networks.