Easily Create a Facebook Store with Tabjuice

Have you ever wanted to sell stuff directly from your Facebook page? While most businesses would still think a traditional website was an absolute necessity, plenty of advertisements today seem to want people to go to their Facebook fan page more than anything else. And no wonder. So many people check their Facebook accounts more than anything else, and any marketer would love to get customers looking at their updates daily.

Tabjuice.com offers a Facebook integrated application to create a simple, free and well-designed Facebook store. Using this application, you can create a store, design the look of the store, add products, link it to a fan-page and have the store up and running in a very short period of time. You can leverage your network to get your products sold, without your fans ever having to leave Facebook. Read on to find out more about using Tabjuice to create your very own Facebook store.

Creating a Store

The first step in creating a Tabjuice store is, of course, to sign-up. Tabjuice.com offers the initial sign-up options. After entering your first/last name and email address, the app takes you directly to Facebook where you use your Facebook account and a Facebook application to create the actual store. The landing page on Facebook is the user “dashboard” where you’re provided with an overview of the store, as well as the status of the storefront and any active promotions.


After checking out the dashboard, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty details of setting up a store. The first step is to utilize the store designer. This is where things like the color scheme, store heading and descriptions are chosen. All colors can be customized, and a custom logo or header can be uploaded. The background can be a solid color, or a custom image can be uploaded for tiling or scaling.

Store Designer

After selecting the overall look of the store, you should take a look at all of the settings. Tabjuice does a great job of explaining what most of the settings mean and helps you to choose. The first settings menu is the general options. This is the menu that allows you to add a name and description, set time zone and choose a store type, among many other options.

General Options

The Payment Gateways menu allows you to choose from PayPal, PayPal Pro or Authorize.net in order to receive payments. PayPal Pro and Authorize.net do charge a fee, but allow users to make purchases without ever leaving the Facebook fan page. Shipping & Handling is self-explanatory as well. The first step is to add where shipping will originate from, in order for Tabjuice to calculate shipping costs. This is also where any additional handling costs are added, per the administrators disgression. Tabjuice offers just about every shipping option that you can think of to make available, so choose whatever is most convenient for your location and needs.

Shipping & Handling

Tabjuice offers a number of options to customize usage of the store and store analysis. The multi-admin option allows you to add other store admins at three different levels. NEXUS states does ask you to choose the state the store is located in for all tax purposes. Under the API option, a unique API key can be generated for the store. The 3rd party integration allows the store administrator to integrate Google analytics or Magento for further external analysis of all visits and other statistics.

Adding Products

Once the settings have all been worked out, it’s time to start adding products to the store. As with all of the other options in this app, adding products is simple and straight-forward. Clicking on the “products” link takes you to the product dashboard. Here, you can see an overview of all listed products, including the main image, quantity, price and product status.

Product Dashboard

Of course, our product page is sadly empty. Navigate via the panel on the left to the option to add a product. The basic “add product” page offers more than enough options to satisfy any basic customer:

  • Add up to 5 images
  • Add an item name and description
  • Place the product in as many categories as desired
  • Link the product to an external webpage for purchasing the product directly on your personal website.
  • And more …

Adding a Product

Of course, sometimes these basic options aren’t enough. For example, I was adding prints to my personal store. I wanted to be able to sell each image in different sizes. The custom options section allows you to add multiple variations to the product: for example, I could sell one print at 9×12 on archival paper and a much larger image that is sold on a canvas. Theses variations allow for the sale of just about any product within the store.

Custom Options for Adding a Product

If you find that your products aren’t selling quite as well as you’d like, Tabjuice offers easy options for setting up promos. These promos come with a code which can be given out to potential customers to draw them into the store. As always, Tabjuice provides a variety of options for the promo, including options to apply promos to only specific categories or products and allowing promos for flat rates, percentage off, no tax or free shipping. The promo can be for a limited time, or indefinite.


There is, of course, an orders section to track all completed purchases and returns. This section is straight-forward and simply organized, providing item and order numbers, billing and shipping information, pricing and product information.

Activating a Store

Once the products have been added and the options have been set, all that’s really left to do is get the store activated. Stores cannot be activated without being linked to a fan page, so that’s always the first step.

Attaching to a Fan Page

After attaching the store, head on over to the “activate a storefront” option under the settings menu. As long as everything is good to go, the store can be activated and you’re on your way. If there are any problems or incomplete sections, Tabjuice tells you and links you to the location to fix the problem. The process is about as painless as can be, with simple directions to fix any and all problems. Once the store is activated check it out, pat yourself on the back and don’t forget to utilize the engagement menu. This section provides general data about store visits, top products by visits and top products by revenues. This information can be checked by date and gives you a simple way to check up on the status of your store and all products.


Final Thoughts

This application is so straight-forward and simple to use that I almost couldn’t believe it. The app was easy to navigate, and I was definitely happy with my final product. It bugged out a few times when I was uploading images, but it was never a big deal. The help section is great, so any questions I had were quickly answered.

As a basic user who has never set up a Facebook store before and doesn’t need a spectacle of a store, Tabjuice is incredible. I was never lost, and as a basic user everything I needed was more than covered. As I delved into the application and tested out some potentially more advanced uses, every need was always met. Setting up a free Facebook store is definitely easy to do with Tabjuice, and I highly recommend the application.


This app allows a user to utilize a custom Facebook application to create a personalized Facebook store for any Facebook fan page.