AgoraPulse: Keeping the Pulse on Your Facebook Pages

It’s hard to even fathom the amount of influence Facebook has on our lives today. Facebook has connected nearly a billion of us in the world’s largest social network, and accounts for around one out of every five pageviews on the internet today. For so many users today, Facebook is the internet. It’s the way they communicate, discover new products, share memories, play games, and more.

That’s why your business’ Facebook page is as important as, or maybe more important than, your website. With your own website, it’s easy to add anything you want: analytics, contact forms, maps, extra pages, and more. On Facebook, though, it’s not quite as easy to bring all of those features together on your page. That’s where AgoraPulse comes in. It’s an app that makes it easy to keep tabs on your Facebook page, and helps you make it what you want with apps, contests, and more.

Seeing the Potential in your Facebook Page

Facebook treats Facebook Pages much the same as your own normal Facebook profile. When you’re posting pictures or some witty thought you had for your friends to enjoy, you don’t need to really take Facebook’s posting tools that seriously. But if you’re betting a multi-million marketing campaign on your brand’s Facebook page, suddenly Facebook’s built-in posting and analytics tools seem a bit lacking.

AgoraPulse was built by Affinitiz, a social media marketing agency, and was designed form the ground-up to help businesses get more value out of Facebook. You can use it to get more info about your fans, interact better with their comments, schedule posts to the time that works best for your readers, and add apps to engage them better.


Signing up is simple. Just sign in with your Facebook account, then add the Facebook Pages or Open Graph apps on your account that you want to manage with AgoraPulse. You’ll get a free trial to try it out, and then can sign up for a monthly subscription ranging from $9/month to $99/month, depending on your number of fans and the features you need.

Once you’re signed up, you’ll get a new dashboard to manage your Facebook page: your AgoraPulse dashboard. Here, you’ll see some quick stats on your fans, as well as the top posts on your page, comments you need to moderate, and your most engaged fans. It’s quite a bit more info than you’ll get straight from your standard Facebook Page dashboard.

Your new Facebook page dashboard

Digging Deeper

AgoraPulse offers far more than just a better dashboard. It has a calendar where you can see all of you posts by date and time, and an in-depth timeline that shows comments and posts by your fans on your Facebook page. You can moderate comments, as well as get a quick look at how popular the posts and comments were by browsing through them quickly in AgroPulse page, or searching through them from the search bar at the top. It includes a number of filtering options to help you find exactly the post you’re looking for, something that’s far from easy in Facebook itself.

Manage posts and comments on your page

It then includes a number of graphs with detailed statistics about your Facebook page, so you can see how your page adds or loses fans over time, and how much your fans interact with your site. Combine that with the calendar, and you can see if, perhaps, certain things you published on your wall got more people to Like your page, or if you posted something that made you lose a lot of fans.

Get detailed stats about your audience and engagement

Engaging your Fans Better

One of AgoraPulse’s best features is its post scheduling tool. Here, you can write posts for your Facebook page, and schedule them to be published at the time you want. Since people in different timezones will check Facebook at different times, you have the best chance at reaching your max audience if you try to cater to the times that your readers will be on Facebook. You can post anything you want, schedule it for the time you want, and choose specific locations or languages to target with the post. Then, you can always use AgoraPulse’s other tools later to see if it really did help your audience be more engaged with your content.

Schedule posts to target them at specific audiences

Then, one of the best ways to grow your online audience is to offer exclusive content and run giveaways or contests. AgoraPulse has a number of built-in apps that you can quickly add to your Facebook page to do this and more. You can use them to organize Facebook-exclusive contests and giveaways, or share documents and videos only with your fans. You can even use their HTML app to build your own pages in Facebook using web technologies you’ve already used to build your websites.

Add pre-made apps to your Facebook page


Facebook is one of the best ways to reach your online audience today, and AgoraPulse is a great tool to help you get the most out of Facebook for your brand’s page. It might not be for everyone, but if you’re looking to engage your audience better and make sure your posts are as effective as possible, it’s definitely a tool you should consider. The post scheduling and apps are among the best features in AgoraPulse, and make it easy for you to do much more with your Facebook page without digging into programming. While so many apps focus on using Twitter for businesses, Facebook hasn’t gotten nearly as much attention, so it’s exciting to see what AgoraPulse is doing to make it easy to take Facebook further for your business.


Getting the most out of your Facebook Page can be difficult, so AgoraPulse helps you take it to the next level with in-depth stats, post scheduling tools, and custom apps for your page.