Weekplan: Your Todo List, One Week at a Time

To-Do lists and task management apps can only go so far as list the things we want to accomplish, but sometimes these lists just go on forever. It took me a while to realize I needed to narrow down the time frame for completing my tasks, so I can focus on what I should be doing in the next few days.

I recently came across Weekplan, a minimalist app for planning tasks in weekly intervals. The app, inspired by the Seven Habits mantra, encourages you to sort and assign task priorities so you know what you need to focus on within a week’s time.

Weekplan is simple to get started using, with a free plan and signup with your Google account. The interface is simple and functional, with the left column for listing roles and goals, and the rest of the page is a weekly calendar where you can list down, edit and mark your tasks.

A Calendar With Focus

The default view shows the current week in a grid, but you can go to the previous or next week by clicking on the tabs beside the current week. Tasks are easily visible within the boxes, and adding them is as easy as typing on the text field on top. There are two buttons to mark a task as either important or urgent (or both). Once done, simply hit Enter to put it in the list.

A weekly calendar for your tasks

A weekly calendar for your tasks

You can later edit the entry by clicking on the pen icon beside it to bring up the Task Details window. Here you can edit the date, assign a role, enable recurring tasks (Pro account only) and even upload a file. Tasks can be dragged around to move them into another date, and the button to the left of each task marks it as done.

Editing tasks in the Task Details window

Editing tasks in the Task Details window

Tasks can be assigned to roles. Roles can be any aspect of your life — be it personal or professional — that your tasks can be categorized in. These roles are listed on the left hand column, and you can filter tasks by assigned roles. I find this approach extremely useful, since I use it to determine which ones need my immediate attention.

While task managers usually encourage you to get things done, Weekplan allows for a little procrastinating room with a feature called “Demote to Someday.” This is the drawer button next to each task. Demoted tasks appear in a pre-made list called Someday, and you can view them by clicking on the Lists tab on the top right corner of the screen, below the app’s menu bar.

Put away tasks that cannot be accomplished within the week

Put away tasks that cannot be accomplished within the week

Reflecting On Life Goals

A notable feature in Weekplan is its built-in journal/notes feature. On the menu bar, there’s a Do link on the top right corner, right beside your user name. Clicking on this takes you to the Journal page.

This page gives you a space to write down your thoughts for a particular day — whether it’s challenges you had to get them done, or why you are not able to do them. This approach in task management is something that’s not seen in other apps, and if you’re the type who wants to seriously achieve your goals, then this feature might help you understand yourself and what you need to change to help you move forward.

The journal page is a way to reflect on how you handled tasks

The journal page is a way to reflect on how you handled tasks

Weekplan also has a feature called Goals of the Week. You can hover over a role and add a weekly goal for that role. This will be considered the utmost priority for that role within the week. When you add a goal, it goes right below the role.

Make a general goal to guide your tasks

Make a general goal to guide your tasks

Work Alone Or Work With Others

Weekplan also supports Workspaces, a way to share your calendar to other users for collaborative task and goal management. Users are sent an email invite to join a workspace, and they can login using their Google account or set up a free account with Weekplan to start adding tasks to the shared workspace.

Work with others to accomplish a collective goal

Work with others to accomplish a collective goal

In a shared workspace, users appear as roles on the left column, instead of the defaults usually seen in a non-shared workspace.

More options for a Pro account

All features mentioned above are available for a free Weekplan account. Upgrading to Pro, however, does have its perks. A Pro account supports subtasks, integration with other web apps, recurring tasks, and syncing with Goggle Tasks.

You can buy a Pro account by either paying $8/month, $30/6 months and $36/year.

Some UI Quirks

Although the Weekplan interface tries to be as clean and minimal as much as possible, there are certain actions that can be a bit accessible. For instance, deleting a task shouldn’t have to be as tedious as it is at the moment. To delete a task, you’ll have to click on the pen icon to go to the Task Details window (which pop ups and covers the calendar) and hit the Delete button from there. This function is just as commonly used as marking tasks as done, so a similar button might be a small improvement.


It’s no doubt that Weekplan has set itself apart from all other task management app by narrowing down your to-do lists to seven days. As the Weekplan’s web page describes the app, it provides “a week view strikes the right balance between giving enough space to plan and a time window short enough to focus on execution.” For anyone likes to write down their tasks in a weekly calendar (and I mean those actual weekly planning notebooks made out of paper), this app is a digital version of that — and sometimes that’s exactly what we need.


A weekly task management web app.



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  • Man, how many more todo apps does the world need?

    • This one is not just another todo, it helps you implement the “First Things First” habit from 7 habits of Highly Effective People. So the accent is more on the method than the tool

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  • Note: To delete a task, simply drag it to a textbox.

  • just loved the app it makes the to-do list easy to maintain