Visualize Your Goals in a Refreshing New Way With Goalscape

Goals are powerful catalysts to leading the human life. Whether you end up achieving them or not, they set a direction and instill a sense of achievement that helps you go on with our lives. Some might find the idea of using apps to achieve goals a bit out there. But if you are serious enough, you will know that any type of motivation and mentorship (even virtual) will help kickstart things in a big way.

Goalscape helps you motivate using goals, communicate visually, stay organized, set smart priorities and track your progress both when you are online and offline. Curious to know how the web app can help you scale new heights? Read on.


Goalscape is a goal setting app that assists you to best define, work on and reach your highest goals. It’s gorgeous visual display helps you identify, develop and communicate the key elements of any complex goal or project. It’s an Adobe Flash based online application, which you can also use offline on your Windows or Mac computer via an Adobe Air app. They’ve also got a mobile app coming soon for iPhone.



What could be a deal breaker is the steep price point of the Goalscape app: it costs 89€. But before ditching the app immediately after seeing the price tag, take advantage of the 14 day free trial period – both for online and offline tools – before making up your mind. Once nice thing is that you purchase the app, so you’ll only be paying for it once rather than on a subscription basis.

User Interface and Ease of Use

Sample Goal

Sample Goal

Signing up cannot be easier – just enter your email address and the login credentials will be mailed to you. Goalscape has an impressive user interface that grabs your attention even before using the app. It’s a sore point that the app uses Adobe Flash, but it is still very fast and responsive.

Creating Goals

You can use Goalscape to define goals and plan activities when you run professional projects or even family activities. Goalscape does a brilliant job in making goals of any magnitude manageable and understandable. Like any good goal management app, this one also lets you break down your challenge into multiple manageable parts all the while keeping the larger goal in perspective.

Slider Controls

Slider Controls

Start using the tab on top to name the goal. Alternatively, you can use the options available in the sidebar to change the parameters. Creating subgoals is fast and quick. Try clicking the Add Subgoal button in the right side bar and create as many as you need. You can also jumpstart this process by selecting the sample subgoals that are created with each new goal and renaming them.

For each subgoal you create, you can add a weightage to them. Some subgoals play a pivotal role in making the goal a success and hence the need to assign a percentage of importance to it. Based on this percentage, the size of the subgoal in the overall goal structure is altered. In the same vein, you can mark the amount of work you have done to complete each subgoal by dragging the progress marker.

The effect is actually very dramatic. Every time you see the goal structure, you can instantly see which subgoals are vital and how much progress you are making with them. Use the Add Neighbour option to add sequential subgoals adjacent to each other, just so you don’t miss the correct order.

Time sensitive subgoals can have a start and end date to remind you of their occurrence. If you have a group of people working with you to achieve the goals, you can assign individual subgoals to them. With the help of the notes feature, you can leave extensive instructions to them as to how to get things done.

Goal Levels



Besides having multiple subgoals, you can have multiple levels to accommodate them as well. Use the arrow icons to bring the levels into focus. By dragging the borders, you can visually alter the relative importance of the goals.

Relative Progress

Relative Progress

Your progress across multiple subgoals are displayed relatively as well. This feature will come in handy to know how far the rest of the group members are performing with their own assignments.

All goals are displayed in a manner that imparts in you the overall structure of the goal, its relative importance and your progress in a precise manner. The tabbed interface is a great way to stay on top of your various goals.


All the goals and subgoals can be imported and edited offline from your Windows, Linux and Mac computers. The amount you pay gives you lifetime updates to the desktop apps and a 6 month subscription to the web app. If you do not wish to purchase Goalscape after the free trial period, you will still be able to view your online projects, although you will not be able to edit them.

Final Thoughts

Goalscape is an intuitive, tidy and easy to use goal management software, that improves understanding, performance and results. The app is so powerful, it actually looks a bit complicated to use. In practice it isn’t. But combine the cool infographic like design and a unique way to manage projects, and it’s easy to feel that it will be too difficult to use. The great thing is, it’s fairly easy to use, and gives you a unique and inspiring way to look at your projects.

Then, the initial price of Goalscape is higher than we’ve come to expect. With the web app and offline support with desktop apps for popular operating systems, though, the price doesn’t work out as bad as it might seem. It’s an interesting mix of a web and desktop app, and we do appreciate that it can run cross-platform. Though, we wouldn’t complain if they cut the price or made a new economical plan with lesser features.

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Goalscape helps you motivate using goals, communicate visually, stay organized, set smart priorities and track your progress both when you are online and offline.